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It’s time for a summer refresh. Trade-in is back! Until August 25 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2), you will be able to trade in your old Premium tanks while buying a new one and get shiny Premium tanks at a reduced price.

Also remember that the permanent price reduction of Tier VI-VIII Premium vehicles is now live, making your trade-in more profitable!

Trade-In: Eligibility

The general rule is as follows: you can trade-in any premium tank of Tier VI – VIII when buying a new premium tank available in the tech tree, which is of the same or higher tier as your old vehicle.

It is possible to trade-in only one vehicle at a time. When trading in, half of your old tank’s value in gold will be reduced from the price of the vehicle you’re attempting to buy.

Vehicles that can be traded in

Tier VI

Tier VII


Example trade-in:

You want to buy the Löwe, which costs 11,200 in the game. In exchange you want to trade-in your old Dicker Max, which normally costs 2,800.

Just like selling standard vehicles gives you half of their value in credits, trading in your old premium tank will produce half of its value in gold, which then in turn will be deducted from the price of the tank you are wanting to buy.

In this example, trading in your Dicker Max will yield you half of its price, which is 1,400. Consequently, your new vehicle’s price will be reduced accordingly and you now need 9,800 for the Löwe.

Important: Active premium tank discounts may affect the value of the vehicle you are attempting to trade in, if that vehicle is eligible for the discount. Discounted vehicles will be marked accordingly in the trade-in window.

How to Trade-in Tanks

Vehicles eligible for purchase with a trade-in option will be displayed as follows:

In the Tech tree.

In the tank purchase menu.

Depending on how much gold is available on your account, the tank available for the exchange may be displayed in two different ways:

The tank can be exchanged. There is enough gold. The tank can be exchanged. There is not enough gold.
Once you have decided, simply right-click on the vehicle and choose Purchase or Trade-in.

  • By default, the list of tanks eligible for trade-in is arranged by the amount of gold they would deduct from the price.
  • The list also features eligible vehicles that are currently unavailable for the exchange (in battle, not repaired, in a platoon). Clicking on them will reveal more info about their status.

The trade-in menu also offers the usual actions, such as adding basic ammunition, crew training, etc.

Important to Remember

  • The trade-in feature will be available until August 25 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).
  • You can trade-in only vehicles that are of lower or equal Tier to the vehicle you are purchasing, but not lower than Tier VI.
  • You can trade-in only one vehicle per transaction.
  • The gold worth of vehicles may be affected by active discounts on premium tanks.
  • Ammunition, Equipment, and Consumables loaded on the vehicle that is being traded in will be automatically dismounted and placed in the Depot for free.
  • Camouflages, Emblems, and Inscriptions applied on the vehicle that is being traded in will be stored in the Depot. If they are vehicle-bound, you will be able to use them again only if you get the tank again in the future.
  • The crew present on the vehicle that is being traded in will be placed automatically in the Barracks. If there are not enough free bunks in the Barracks to accommodate them, the trade-in will not be possible.
  • Tanks used for trade-in cannot be restored with the Restore functionality.
  • When trading-in, you don’t have to buy an extra garage slot – the new tank will be placed in the slot previously occupied by the vehicle that was traded in.

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  1. so… who wants to trade his progetto/defender/skorpion for like super pershing ? 🙂

    1. Super Pershing..dream of my sleepness nights, would trade my Type 59 G, but its not allowed.. buhuhuuu :<<<

  2. Any word about if this year we gonna get something like the tank festival fair of last one? Or any event where we can buy non-tech tree premium tanks for gold?

  3. This it’s not a trade-in,it’s a scam from wargaming,you sell your tank for half gold and you buy the rest of gold with real money for the tank you want.

    1. for me it is a good thing, i bought t34b from that commie bastard from black market, and i trade it for stg , for some extra gold . it was a good deal. WINNING 😀

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