Cheating Clans in Metal Wars

We have received a mail from a reader worth sharing:

„I am a person in ASIA server, during this event some clans violated the rules, two clans worked together and got so many points with each other, and applied rules, fame points section, rule 7:
“match-fixing is prohibited by the regulations, clans and players that violate the rules will lose all their fame points (both clan and PERSONAL) ,and their game account will be banned, however just four players were punished!, and one of the leaders joined another clan and became the top one in the event.
So the rules or the efficiency of the rules have been reduced? Or something needs to be reviewed in ASIA server? The leaders of Ducky were not punished, not to mention other income from cheating behavior.”

9 thoughts on “Cheating Clans in Metal Wars

    1. Hah, comunity contributor konvalina11 of Czechoslovak players comunity is cheater and liar. And WarGaming banned all who are protesting against him. Fair Play Policy is only comedy :/ Unfortunately, we are sorry 🙁

  1. WG Asia has investigated and punished the people involved, of course they cannot ban good people, there is no evidence they violate. The guy who sent this email was jealous of the results. It is not difficult to be No. 1 if you are in the top clan and participate in almost all of MW’s battles

  2. Unsurprising it’s SEA server, seems that cheating and rigging are endemic to that playerbase (at least from the many stories I’ve heard about the Chinese and Korean communities).

  3. Rainbowassassin is probably the biggest arse in ASIA. Most people can’t stand him and he is hated by his clan mates. Watch him stream, just a cunt.

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