Supertest: German and Chinese Medium Tanks Rebalancing

We are continuing our rebalancing of high-tier vehicles.Now it’s time for the German and Chinese medium tanks.

Of the two German Tier X MTs, the E-50M is the more protected and durable one. Due to its frontal armor, the vehicle is somewhat like a heavy tank. Nevertheless, the thickness of the turret’s frontal armor plate is insufficient to repel shots from high-tier opponents. We plan on improving the protection of this area by increasing the thickness of the turret’s effective armor from 197 to 266 mm.

Other vehicles of the branch will be improved as well:

  • E50:

Increased the effective armor of the turret’s frontal armor plate from 197 to 220 mm

10,5 cm Kw.K. L/52 Ausf. gun

Increased the penetration value of a standard shell from 220 to 230 mm

8,8 cm Kw.K. L/100 gun

Increased the damage value from 240 to 280 HP

  • Panther II: 

8,8 cm Kw.K. L/100 gun

Increased the damage value from 240 to 280 HP

  • Panther 8.8: 

Increased the damage value from 240 to 280 HP

The Chinese medium tank branch will receive a wide array of improvements to a number of technical characteristics affecting both survivability and firepower. These changes should make these vehicles more competitive compared to other, newer tanks.

  • 121:

Increased the effective armor of the upper glacis plate from 240 to 270 mm

Increased the penetration value of a standard shell from 258 to 262 mm

Increased vehicle durability from 1,950 to 2,050 HP

Increased engine power from 580 to 650 h.p.

Changed shell velocity from 1,000/1,000/1,000 to 1,115/907/907 mps

  • WZ-120: 

Increased vehicle durability from 1,650 to 1,750 HP

Changed the dispersion on turret traverse from 0.16 to 0.14

Changed the top speed from 56 to 60 km/h

122 mm 60-122T gun

Changed the reload time from 12 to 11 s

Changed shell velocity from 950/950/950 to 800/640/800 mps

  • Т-34-2: 

Increased the effective armor of the upper glacis plate from 140 to 200 mm

Changed vehicle durability from 1,300  to 1,400 HP

122 mm 37-122JT gun

Changed damage from 390 to 360 HP

Changed the reload time from 15 to 12 s

Changed accuracy from 0.48 to 0.44

Changed the aiming time from 3.1 to 2.9 s

100 mm 44-100JT gun

Changed accuracy from 0.42 to 0.4

Changed the reload time from 9.1 to 8.1 s

Changed the aiming time from 2.9 to 2.7 s

  • Т-34-1: 

100 mm 44-100JT gun

Changed accuracy from 0.42 to 0.4

Changed the reload time from 9.3 to 8.3 s

Changed the aiming time from 2.9 to 2.7 s

Changed the dispersion on turret traverse from 0.16 to 0.14

Increased vehicle durability from 1,050 to 1,150 HP

Note that these technical characteristics are not final and can be changed.

Finally we’re showing some care to the Soviet Tier X Medium.

  • Obj 140

The Object 140 is essentially a well-balanced vehicle, but it will also benefit from slight improvements in firing comfort and survivability. Its gun depression angles will be increased from -6 to -7 degrees, and the armor thickness of the frontal glacis plate will be increased to 260 mm instead of 237 mm. Thanks to these tweaks, the Object 140 will more confidently withstand attacks from other tier X vehicles and will perform more aggressively on the battlefield.

Note that these technical characteristics are not final and can be changed.

Rebalancing is an ongoing process and we will keep on reviewing our tanks and rebalance their performance.
Let us know what do you think of these changes in the comments below.

49 thoughts on “Supertest: German and Chinese Medium Tanks Rebalancing

  1. There might be a tiny bit of hope for something good in the coming months, then ?

  2. oh, real nice, now all of these tanks will have the upper plate equal to the e50m`s, or even stronger, while having 20% more dpm still, and an impenetrable turret, angled, as opposed to flat one of the 50m. What a joke. 140 needed that buff real hard right? also, Panther88 still goes only 45? lol…And we still havent gotten the actual pen values of the german guns, and not the 30* angle test values. screw that man. the 88/L100 has less pen than the historical pen of the 88/L71…If they gave the panther 88 the high pen of 237, 280 alhpa (that its getting) and 10more km/h, it would be okay…But this? Bs…

      1. You know, it used to have 10-20 more effective, before they nerfed the angle of the upper plate, when they buffed the lower plate…F*cking wg…

  3. “Finally”???? WTF, I just know it, hiding behind the buff to German and China (definitely well needed, no doubt at all there), butt a fucking buff to OBJ 140???

    OBJs needs nerffffff not buff……

    cancer racist WG. assholes always on drugs while working…

    1. Well, hohohoho, just thought again fucker WG, dat buff to OBJ 140 is useless to me anyway.

      As I start shooting “special rounds” when I see any ugly USSR metals anyway.

      hhahahahahaah ..i.. WG ..i.., you allow pussies to sit in your bias crap so called “SKILL”, I’ll balance it with “special rounds” then.

    2. The thing is that the 140 doesn’t seem very good WHEN YOU COMPARE IT TOO THE BROKEN 430U lol

  4. Panther 8.8 is shit and will be shit, cause you can’t fix a fucking broken platform. Give it 400 alpha and it will still be complete utter useless crap with 203/237 pen, no armor, no camo, no mobility, no nothing.

    1. I agree, there’s very little you could do that would want to make me play the Panther 8.8, let alone buy it.

    2. Panther 8.8
      buff him to
      750hp engine

      280 dmg gun (as they will do)
      220 AP pene
      260 APCR pene
      2,1s aim time
      410m view range

      and dispersion while moving and tank traverse from 0,15 to 0,12

      = it will not be great, but it will be fast moving, very accurate and reliable dmg platform with excellent spotting – it will be one of the few reliable medium true support tanks and it will punish everyone who will make mistakes

  5. Oh and: E50M really needs more armor. KEKW. The gun is trash, the DPM is trash, the speed is trash, everything is completely retarded SHIT. 7.5 sec reload for 390? Polish TIER 9 med does it in 6.6 sec. E-50M is SHIT

      1. For a 45%er in qualification maybe. I haven’t seen a single one in division 2 and 1.

  6. Title says “German and Chinese Medium Tanks Rebalancing” yet they managed to sneak an Object buff into it. If this isn’t Russian Bias I don’t know what it is.

  7. Buffing the fronts of all these 10s makes for a futile game for all the 8s that meet them.

    1. Try to avoid directly fighting tier 10s in a tier 8, obviously harder than I make it out to be but good tactical awareness and liberal use of premium ammo will help you in shit games like that, besides lower plate still exists and is weak as hell on those tanks, not to mention side armour still being basically auto pennable unless it’s at an auto bounce angle

  8. I dont know why buffing the 140… What happens now to the T-62A…. WG greats ideas… is slower and now less armored in the chasis… The turret is almost the same so…. No one will use T-62A
    E50M could have a little more of armor

    1. I don’t see a lot of love coming for any of the Collectors vehicles. WG probably considers them mothballed.

      1. Yea it might be the reason…
        I was considering to buy the T-62A even if i have the 140 right now… Now there is no chance.
        140 has: More mobility, same DPM and less accuracy now.
        With the changes: 140 will have more mobility and armor just for a little bit of worse accuracy?? there is no balance there no one will buy a T-62A

  9. I was hoping for that in E50M. Wont help against gold rounds head on, but should help against the bounces from the gun mantled. Will be nice if they bump turret sides by 10 mm as they get gold penned too often. May be they could bump that engine power or reduce ground resistance a bit.

    Definitely happy with 121 buffs. May be some more engine power, but w/e.

    1. Edit.
      I’ve looked at 121 frontal armor and 240 mm, even before normalization, is bullshit.
      The armor buff is almost worthless.

    2. Yea the buff is like putting 240mm or 250mm in the front (that is great, the 266 is the effective number) But it needs some more armor in the sides, like 10mm or 20mm more

  10. E50Ms problem is its GIANT SIZE PROFILE and flat armour angles.

    In maps that are tailor made for sleek slender perfectly angled russian god tank armour, and round turrets, with low profile tanks, MASSIVE turret armour, nice dips in the ground cover, and ridgelines everywhere with holes that make the

    “russian tanks have NO GUN DEPRESSION, that is their handicap in this game” mean NOTHING.

    It’s very hard to hide a house with 4-5 germans inside it in these maps, and play aggressively.

    Play russian, get god tier armour, can turret peek a boo, only need 4 crew so faster skill gains, low profile harder to hit, get magical powers such as russian number generator bonus and forcefield.

    There’s a reason why Lowe was removed from coupon purchasing options, and now the most expensive tank is IS6….. ITS CALLED THE RUSSIAN EGO.

    I, and many others would earn a 30% discount coupon, and would buy a Lowe, and get gold compensation, meaning 30% discount on our gold purchase.

    Unfortunately, this meant the Lowe sales figures were so high, it HAD to be removed, and now everyone does the same but with mighty best in world russian armour, the IS6.

    Look at the top selling tank of all time, the IS6….is what they will announce.
    This and all WG titles are built around the russian ego.

  11. While the armor issue on the E 50 M did need to be addressed, the bigger issue is its pathetic DPM. It’s the only tier 10 medium that DOESN’T get a RoF/DPM boost from the tier 9. Even the TVP autoloader has better DPM than the E 50 M. If the E 50 M had a base DPM of 2,750 instead of the current 2,437, it would be on par with most other single-shot tier 10 mediums. They also should slightly increase the armor of the lower plate, to compensate for how massive the E 50 M is in comparison to the other “armored mediums” (121, Obj, 430U). If they did these changes, then the E 50 M could actually be consistently competitive, instead of the butt of all the “weak” jokes.

    1. Yea i agree that the most of players does not know how to play with:
      1. Tanks with low DPM
      2. Tanks with low Pen
      The tank will be competitive in some situacions.
      I honestly prefer armor buff to turret than more DPM. If i have to chose a extra buff to this buff will be side turret armor.

  12. Wait.

    Why are they buffing the 140 ??? It doesnt need a buff.

    Second of all, why are they buffing the 140 and NOT the T62A ????

  13. They are buffing German and Chinese Tanks? Did they run out of vodka there? XD

    Jokes aside, I’m glad German and Chinese Tanks (not you 140) are getting some buff.

  14. on the bright side ,907 will have no room to exist after the 140 buff .

    1. That may actually be the point. Since it has dawned on Wargaming that overpowered reward tanks are a problem and they don’t want to nerf them, they instead bring the 140 up to 907 level … because flooding the game with op Russian tanks is generally a good idea, right?

      Talk about countering the effect of a bad decision by making another one.

      1. Yea its clearly that they want to put it to the lvl of 907 but its a retarded idea.
        They should never buffed the 907 at least not the way they did. Give it the APCR and HEAT when 907 was a better tank in shape and armor was a bad idea.
        Instead of learn… they add more buffs to other reward tanks that does not need buffs.
        WG is not anti german or russian bias, WG is just to stupid for his own good

  15. Well, this is very pleasant news, no need to waste time grinding Object 430U when I already have the 121, unlocking it is finally going to pay off. 🙂

    And some buffs for T-34-2 as well, the poor thing got some love at last!

    Also nice buff to Object 140, it’s now a valid techtree alternative to that elite pos 907. Not sure it’s what the game needs but…

  16. Fuck the 140 buff. E50M. Give even more armor. More dpm. It’s a joke these days. Sure. It’s slower than every other med. that’s okay. But make it have a point. More hull. More turret and better turret sides so you can’t auto pen with heat. Same to e50. Panther 88 though. Ha. Oh boy. Where to start. Much more pen. More armor. Higher top speed. 55kph. Since you threw “realistic stats” out of the window years ago when you added all the bullshit you might as well make all these old ass Germans tanks love. It isn’t just Russian bias. It’s anti German. The E50m should be like the kpz 50T. GOOD. not a joke pos

  17. Ah shit, I was hoping for some interesting changes to the Chinese meds. The armour changes are nice but that still doesn’t make it interesting coz it’s basically a 430U with garbage for armour and a more powerful gun. But let’s be honest here, the 121 is still worse in almost everyway except for firepower and maybe mobility when compared to the 430U. The impenetrable turret of the 430U is just so much more useful than that of the 121 and dun every try to reason that they nerfed the cupolas coz that is a meaningless nerf to appease the “russian-bias” crowd. Only a TD or a tank with gold with pen it, same as how it used to be and a 430U will not sit around to let you snipe his “weakspot”, if that player has any more braincells than WG balance department.

    I was hoping for a change to make the 121 unique, to get back it’s identity of the “Alpha” medium tank that it used to be when there was no UDES or 430U around. Give the 121 a choice of its current 122mm or a 130mm from the 1-4 and it’ll make it so much more interesting. Akin to the M4 54, the choice between 2 guns will makes the tank play differently, 130 for the trades and 122 for sustain output and precision.

    The current change now will only make the 121 have the “E50M” issue in the long run, a decent with garbage for turret and we’ll have another cycle of buffing again

    1. I think its a great idea. I dont want more copy paste tanks. I prefer one with a little less armor but better gun.
      Or u want to go back to the year 2017 when FailGaming has 3 russian mediums (asides de 907) that are mostly the same, yea so fun… T-62A, Obj. 140 and 430 (when tier X) that was a boring game.
      Also in that time we have a leo and a AMX30B that was mostly the same tank and in the other hand we have a patton who was mostly the same as stb-1.
      This changes are good, i dont want another 430U

  18. There is no need whatsoever to buff the Object 140. Typical Wargaming bullshit. Brought to you by the same people who believe that adding 40 alpha to the Panther 8.8 will make it competetive.

  19. Nice changes to 140, much appreciated, specially against that 907… but still needed more buffs to the E50M and 121… but for the start 😉 lets hope for some nice changes

  20. Panther 8.8 need penetration, armor and mobility buffs, and I would like to see a mobility buff for the T-34-3. It’s waaay too sluggish.

    1. Panther 8.8 Should be a tier 7. WG is just to stupid to recognice when a tank need to be moving down a tier.
      Tier 7 and it need no more changes. Give Gold or something to the people who buy it and its done

      1. You’d at least need to nerf the HP and ROF. The tank is shit at tier 8 but just dropping it to tier 7 with no other changes would make this thing absolutely batshit.

        1. Yea that is true, less HP and a little less ROF. In fact the tank, as far as i know, historicaly, is just a panther with a 8.8 nohing so diferent from the panther in tier 7. So is overbuffed to fit the Failgaming idea that all premiums should be tier 8…
          I dont know why there is so many tier 8 premium… Then there is a flood of tier 8 battles, WG logic, but also for some players who does not like tier 7 i guest…


    121 with the same armor,and 480 alpha,that would make the tank unique and somehow competitive…..but that requires more than the 10 braincells WG devs use.

  22. WZ-120
    Changed shell velocity from 950/950/950 to 800/640/800 mps

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