Supertest: Changes to the Minsk Map

Some Supertest changes made to the Minsk map are being tested. Here’s what’s coming:


  1. A passage between the arcs has been added to avoid the need to go down to the hole.
  2. Some bushes along the avenue and on the adjacent hills have been added to provide more opportunities to scout.
  3. Some bushes along the red line have been added to provide the SPGs of both teams with equal opportunities.
  4. The TD positions for both teams have been improved.
  5. A building has been reworked to correspond to similar cover for the second team.

The changes made for the first Supertest are the following:

These changes are based on edits checked during previous tests. However, since those tests were conducted long ago, the changes are compared to the release version.

Main changes and their goals:

  1.  The border of the map has been shifted and passages to the housing blocks next to the square are now open.

Goal: to provide a convenient area for heavily armored vehicles and close-range combat.

  1. The river has been drained, the embankment has been slightly reworked, and ford crossings (from bank to bank) have been added. Tree foliage has been removed (the map setting will be changed from summer to spring or autumn).

Goal: to allow vehicles to move between lanes quicker and safer while simplifying map navigation.

  1. Hills next to the avenue have been added and the fence has been removed.

Goal: to make this area more playable/interesting for maneuverable vehicles while simplifying aiming/shooting across the avenue.

  1. This area has been significantly reworked: a subway construction site has been added, the terrain has been changed, the circus building has been shifted, and the far-end passage next to the map border has been closed.

Goal: to move the clash area for medium tanks closer to the map center (move the clash area away from the courtyards in the left urban area) while providing a connection between this lane and the rest of the map (the avenue and TD positions in the park).

Additional (minor) changes:

  1. In some places on the map, some bushes/trees have been moved (mainly to clear the view between the main points of interest).
  2. Small points of cover near the bases have been added (goal: to slightly simplify base capture).
  3. The shifted map border provides an additional passage behind the buildings in the lower part of the map. The passage was left open because, in general, its influence is insignificant, although in some cases, it can be used for different purposes.

Hoping that you will like these changes, take care!

4 thoughts on “Supertest: Changes to the Minsk Map

  1. One sentence: If you put icing on a pile of shit, it will still smell and taste like shit. This map can only be fixed by removing and deleting it from the game.

  2. testing new minsk for 2 years now. gj wg. working as hard as possible

  3. WG has been reworking Minsk how many times now? XD

    At this point the only reason this shitty map is still in the game is because it’s WG’s home and it’d embarrass them if they were to admit it’s horrible and needs to be removed.

  4. All WG City only Maps are hard to balance the main reason being its a CITY! and it only really serves Heavy armor Vehicles like Heavy tanks duh is this so F–king hard to understand WG

    TDs and LT’s have limited roles on any of these shit Maps mostly a sideline story at the end of the battle when mostly its all to late for them to help the team

    WG are complete utter dicks when it comes to Maps always have been always will be, they cannot help themselves as there obsessed with Heavy Armor/ Heavy tanks (Russian of course

    and Minsk?
    no reason at all for it to exist
    – nobody i know likes it at all as its Sh_t to play on, unless in a Heavy Tank even then its a boring, boring did i say boring Map?

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