WoT – Reworked Bond Earning System

Bonds are a valuable in-game currency and one of the most coveted prizes for both novices and experienced tank aces. They can be used to purchase unique vehicles and other goodies that can’t be obtained with other currencies. Moreover, bonds give you access to vehicle upgrades that can maximize your battle performance.

But under the current system, it’s not immediately obvious how you should go about earning more bonds. We aim to change this in Update 1.10.

The Current System

At this moment, you can get bonds by playing in modes such as Ranked Battles, Frontline, or Steel Hunter. But all of them are time-limited and require a certain level of experience and skill.

The main and most accessible way to earn bonds is to play Random Battles. You need to:

  • Play single-tier battles in Tier X tanks
  • Earn epic medals and Battle Heroes achievements in tanks Tier IV and higher

However, you can’t predict how many bonds you’ll earn per battle, nor whether you’ll receive an epic medal or Battle Heroes achievement. There’s also no way to know in advance if you’ll be matched into a single-tier battle.

When you’re looking forward to getting bonds for your next big purchase, you want to have a clear idea of how to achieve your goal and how long it will take you to get there. With this in mind, we want to make the bond system in Random Battles more understandable, predictable, and transparent.

Earning Bonds in Random Battles

Starting from Update 1.10, you’ll earn bonds not only in single-tier battles, but in all Random and Grand Battles in Tier X tanks, so long as you rank in the top 10 on your team by base experience earned. The number of bonds you’ll receive depends on your performance in battle, as shown in the table below:

Position on Your Team by Base XP Earned Victory Defeat / Draw
TOP 3 7 5
TOP 10 5 3
In Grand Battles, similar rules apply. The only difference is that you need to be in the top 6 or the top 20 on your team by base experience earned.

Now, you no longer have to wait for a single-tier battle with Tier X vehicles to earn bonds! In addition, there’s no need to earn a minimum amount of base XP. This will give you the opportunity to earn bonds in every battle you play in a Tier X tank!

However, epic medals and Battle Heroes achievements will no longer earn you bonds.

Under the new system, each Tier X tank can earn up to 100 bonds per week. If you hover over the vehicle in the tank carousel, you’ll see how many bonds you’ve already earned in a particular tank and the remaining limit in the pop-up window.

Every seven days, this value is reset, and a purple icon will appear under the tank. This means you can once again earn bonds in it.

By clicking on the “Bonds” icon in the upper right corner of the screen, you can see detailed information about the new rules for earning bonds.

Simpler and More Profitable!

If you’re an active player, you’ll definitely appreciate the benefits that the new system provides. And the more Tier X vehicles you have in your Garage, the more interesting it will get. For example, if you want to earn 50 bonds, here’s how the current* and new systems would compare.

According to the average bond earning rate under the current system

Current Bond Mechanics

  • The average player has to play a large number of battles to achieve this goal. At the same time, some of these battles won’t award bonds at all because you’ll be matched with commanders in Tier VIII–IX vehicles.
  • Single-tier battles don’t always earn you bonds because you may not perform well enough to get at least 400 base XP. And if your team loses, you don’t earn bonds at all.
  • If Lady Luck is on your side, you may earn some bonds for getting an epic medal, which can be quite challenging.

Reworked Bond Mechanics

Under the new system, earning 50 bonds is much easier. On average, you should be able to do it in half the time. You will receive bonds for the majority of battles you play in a Tier X tank, no matter which vehicles are on the battlefield. You can earn bonds even if you lose. You just need to perform your best and help your team.

Look out for new additions to the in-game bonds shop with the launch of Ranked Battles 2020–2021! More items will be added in the future, so join battles and start stockpiling those bonds!

18 thoughts on “WoT – Reworked Bond Earning System

    1. to be honest, i think is is not a nerf, today i barely earned 100 bonds in tier 10, i had good games and i earned nothing, and i had games when i did almost nothing, and i got some bonds. it is too random. i have 23 tier 10 tanks ( and there are even more at tier 10 ) , that means i can grind 2.3k bonds per week, so it is all good.

    1. i think you can still earn some bonds when you get some medals, like always

      1. “However, epic medals and Battle Heroes achievements will no longer earn you bonds.”

        Reading is hard, eh?

      2. nope, those will be history. back to the classic way where the little JPEG of the medal in your service record already IS the actual reward …

  1. “we removed the ability for 90% of the vehicles in the game to earn bonds. Look at this improved profitability”

  2. Feels like they try to sell bullshit again.

    They remove the ability to earn bonds on lower tiers and just want to push anyone to tier x. I would like this change when they keep the ability to earn bonds for epic/hero medals on low tiers or when they would just include lower tiers with lower bond limits. But WG have other intentions.

  3. I nearly never play tier X… (it is a money sink).
    So for me, this new bond system is a big step back.
    WG, you are pathetic.

  4. Nice so i have zero chance now to get any bonds in 90% of my battles for a theoretical increse in the other 10%…
    Theoretical because i dont know how much i will miss out on for the medals in T10.

  5. Yeah yeah yeah more WG bullshit.

    They know its so bullshit that they didn’t even open a forum for it.

    They know what kind of shit they will get if they do that.

  6. If you have lots of Tier X and you have money to burn, you can consistently earn more bonds, which is good for me personally. However, I think Wargaming should have given lower Tiers a chance to earn bonds as well, and more than you could in the past (because let’s be honest, nobody has earnt an M60 through epic medals). It annoys me how Wargaming does everything to push us into playing Tier X, because tbh I do not enjoy that Tier all that much, and especially now. And while we’re at it – why can you do the Battle Pass only with Tier VI to Tier X? I hardly ever play Tier V anymore even though there are many iconic tanks in it, simply because I have limited time and I want to progress with the Battle Pass.
    It’s like WG wants to force us on us the way we play the game. I don’t like it.

  7. Best part of new patch! Finally I’ll be able to earn good amount of bonds in my T10. Currently I mostly get a few T8 or T9 in myT10 battles, which makes earning bonds very dificult. CANT WAIT FOR NEW PATCH!

  8. Now you don’t have to work your ass off, loose and get fuck all


  9. Earn bonds in tier x and lose shitt ton of credit while doing that, good luck!

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