Amnesty for Banned Players – More Info

In just a couple of weeks, World of Tanks will reach its grand milestone. The community and the team have come a long way together, and we’ve always tried to create the most comfortable playing conditions while supporting the principles of fair play. It still remains our top priority, which is why we will continue to take action against players who spoil the gaming experience for others.

But in recognition of the game’s 10th Anniversary, we’ve decided to give a second chance to tankers who stepped out of line and broke the rules. If you have been banned at some point, this is a great moment to learn from previous mistakes, reconsider your in-game priorities, and start from scratch.

Starting from August 3, World of Tanks will launch an amnesty campaign that will cover players who have received permanent bans (both from the game and game chat) prior to March 24, 2020, 11:59 p.m. UTC. The reason why we’ve chosen this date is because it was the first time the amnesty campaign was announced during one of our streams.

We hope players who receive amnesty are able to learn from their mistakes and maintain fair play principles. But if they’re caught violating the rules again, they will be banned immediately, this time for good. — Anton Pankov, Product Director

Violations eligible for amnesty:

  • Selling accounts (only cases with chat bans; those banned from the game do not apply)
  • Destroying allied tanks (teamkill)
  • Nicknames that violate the game rules
  • Flooding and advertising in the game chat
  • Insulting players and administrators in the game chat

Unlocking of accounts starts on August 3 and will take some time to process.

Enjoyable and fair gameplay remains one of our top priorities. Together we’ve spent a lot of time and effort to create and support a fair, competitive spirit. We do not want the amnesty to negate the work that’s been done, which is why the aforementioned list of violations does not include the use of prohibited mods. Here our position is unchanged—their use is unsportsmanlike and dishonest. Thus, players found guilty of using such mods will not be unbanned. — Anton Pankov, Product Director

Violations not eligible for amnesty:

  • Various legal violations
  • Fraud and spam
  • Botting (creating and controlling bots imitating human behavior)
  • Use of prohibited mods

Congratulations to all tankers on the 10th Anniversary of World of Tanks! We’d like to express our special gratitude to those who follow the rules of the game. Please remain responsible and play fair!

Source: EU Portal

23 thoughts on “Amnesty for Banned Players – More Info

  1. Ridiculus gives incentive to all those players another chance to cheat again . And dont confuse this with real life , in real life its nice to give 2 chances and maybe even 3 .but in a game they will just cheat again since there arent any real consequences .

    1. If you read the article you would see that the amnesty does not apply to cheats (i.e. using banned mods). It gives another chance to players that were banned for acting like dickheads.

  2. Oh yes please, bring back those filthy hacker-kids, i missed them so hard…not.

  3. Like WG said in the forums, if they break the rules again, they’ll get ANOTHER permaban. And then get pardoned, when there’s not enough players, and get another permaban AGAIN.

    WG is desperate, WG is pathetic.

    1. If there aren’t enough players why wait several months or even years to pardon them?

  4. Maybe read it before bitching..

    Violations not eligible for amnesty:
    Various legal violations
    Fraud and spam
    Botting (creating and controlling bots imitating human behavior)
    Use of prohibited mods.

    1. Oh come on, do you really expect these guys to actually read? Have you read their comments? Most of them are semi-literate teenagers who blame everyone else for their inability to learn how to play this game properly.

      1. Hey, come on now, let’s not be too harsh. I heard they take the term ‘teenager’ as derogatory and would want to be addressed as ‘young adults’

  5. Look like i didnt read all the comments , the cheaters will not get unbaned !

    1. Looks like you didn’t read the article, you mean..
      Only a dumbass comment on something they don’t read. Simple fact.

  6. its fake or what? iam using zj aimbot + tundra on EU and i wasnt baned and also i play every day like 10-20 battles

    1. only sheeps are getting banned
      if you doesnt participate in clanwars or ranked WG doesnt care what you use
      or you just doesn’t let WG read your python.log

      1. starting the game via main exe,launcher only for update like 4 years also i play rankeds (division 3 alredy) and i was play clan wars too with my clan

  7. Good! Now at last I can return after being permanently banned for using illegal mods hax.

      1. Having used reddit for years Its a fact that most people never read articles which is why headlines are very clickbaity.

        1. Don’t blame short titles for being ‘misleading’, they condensed the main idea in it pretty well this time and do so most of the time. The fault lies with whoever is too busy to read the entire thing, but somehow still has time to comment

  8. This comment section proves that WOT players are fuckin dumb and can’t read.

    1. Use reddit long enough and you’ll know that most of the earth’s population can’t read beyond the headline.

      Its fucking fun when you can destroy the opinion of those who didn’t read the article but they still act like they know their shit.

  9. If you read between you lines you would see that this decision is profit motivated. They unban those players who got banned from the game so they can play again and spend money. This has nothing to do with giving people second chances.

    Its just going to be a slap in the face of every player who follows the rules. Its already a struggle to get WG support to follow through by banning people who get reported without WG just giving them a free pass like this.

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