12 thoughts on “WoT – New System for Earning Bonds: Fast, Simple, Efficient

  1. you’ll see, soon, all tier I-IX tanks will be declared collector’s tanks. no point in keeping the present tech tree system when you can milk people most efficiently at tier X. in the end, it will be players burning their credits at tier X and players being farmed in their €40 tier VIII premium tanks.
    that’s the the morbid state the game seems to be headed towards.

  2. Yeah yeah yeah WG bullshit.

    They know its so bullshit that they didn’t even open a forum for it.

    They know what kind of shit they will get if they open a forum for it.

  3. I think people need to finally learn to play tier X tanks. I am sick of seeing all the idiots in ranked matches playing like shit in their tier X just because they grinded the line, played a couple of games and then went back in their tier VIII or IX tanks. If they want the bonds, then they will be forced to learn playing tier X tanks.

    1. you are so wrong… bad players could earn bonds easily now, just place in first ten… till now they have to play at least some exps to reach the bonds and only in a full X battle…

      1. true. for me, it’s the first real reason to even consider playing tier X instead of just collecting them (saving bonds for bond tanks only).
        I’d like to have at least some chance to get bonds on lower tiers, though. Tiers I-IX need waaaay more love.

  4. Bonds are not highly valued rare currency.

    I’ve been collecting them since day 1 and never had any decent reason to spend them, nowadays Im nowhere near the astronomical bonds figures required to compete in auctions.

    1. You must be joking. There are 5-6 great premium moneymaker tanks in bond shop. But you probably buy everything with your wallet so you dont need bonds at all

  5. the only reason to collect bonds is the never-dying hope of getting a Chieftain/T95 offer one day, and WG knows that. it could be a potential Type 59 successor.

  6. I like it for personal reasons. I play way too much tier 8 premium tanks, just because I think credits all the time. This will make me play the tanks I spent so much time grinding, and I earn something different doing that.

    No one is stopping me from playing what I want, and if earning bonds through epic medals was the only reason I played, I’d quit a long time ago.

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