Refferal Program 2.0 Extended

Source: ASIA Portal (available for all servers)

The current Season of Referral Program 2.0 has been extended and will run until 26 August. Don’t miss this opportunity to recruit your friends, earn attractive rewards, and enjoy your favorite game together!

5 thoughts on “Refferal Program 2.0 Extended

  1. I understand this correctly? In my recruitment windows it says, that i have like 3-4 days left right now…to finish the actual missions.
    This time window will be extended? So i can grind the third stage til August 26th?

    Or can i only recruit a new recruit and grind new missions til the 26th?

    1. you can keep grinding whatever you want, contracts are still in progress and are not ended by end of refferal

      only new slots for recruits will be available with new refferal

      and possibly new tanks…which i seriously doubt will change with the new refferal

  2. Noo. I’ve been waiting to see what the new tank offer will be. I guess I have to wait again.

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