11 thoughts on “Tank Rewards: August Sneak Peek

  1. Lucky Latin Americans. All we have is the unwatchable lardboy creepeeboo to get our monthly updates. Hitomi even pronounces Kanonenjagdpanzer and Panzerkampfwagen properly. It clearly helps not to have any face spasms while on camera.

    1. XD classic boomer.
      Anyway, lets hope that chubchub diabeetoo will stop with his monthly diarrhea and get replaced soon. Keeping him around just shows that WG stopped caring about the game’s image and PR. Just like when they murdered WoWp by having him sit on it.

  2. I don’t even wield Spanish and still I understand all and got all possible information I could ask for πŸ˜€

    Why other regions are so freaking lame in informing players???? Especially EU!!!!!

  3. So no tanks that are in the tier 7 range. Doesn’t even really make the final reward worth it for me. I prefer to get a tier 7 so I can sell it for an easy million credits. I definately don’t need premium time or more premium tanks.

    1. There are much easiert ways to grind a million credits than do the tankrewards…every day…and then sell the final reward.

  4. SU-85I
    I cannot believe what I am seeing!!!
    This is, or now rather was, one of the RARE COLLECTOR’s tanks.
    Like once the Type 59 and 64 were, like the Panzer 2 Ausf. J !?!?!!!!
    This tiny little tank, the SU85I was in packages of 100Euros.

    GO FOR IT!!!

    P.S.: I am a little angry as I own this tank since years and always counted it as one of my “diamonds”, as rare as it was. Well, today one can get the Panzer 4 Hydrostat even in the Bond shop.


  5. …already own Pz K and Panzer 6 (though i didnt play it for at least 1 year πŸ™‚ ), so SU 85 it is…

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