WoT Fair Play Update: July 2020 (New Ban Wave)

EU: Today, we’ve taken another step in this direction and placed a massive ban wave across all servers. In this wave, we’ve penalized 1,460 accounts in the EU region. 955 of these accounts have received their first warning, and 505 have been banned permanently.

NA: Today, we’ve taken another step in this direction and placed a massive ban wave across all servers. In this wave for the Americas, we’ve penalized 178 accounts: 92 of these received their first warning, and 86 were banned permanently. All players who were banned during this ban wave will be removed from the Ranked Battles leaderboard.

ASIA: Keeping our game fair and clean remains one of our top priorities, so we’ve once again deployed a massive ban wave across all servers. In this wave, we’ve penalized 169 accounts in the Asia region. 114 of these accounts have received their first warning, and 55 have been banned permanently. These banned accounts have also been removed from the Ranked Battles leaderboard.

RU: И сегодня мы проводим масштабную блокировку учётных записей нарушителей. В рамках этой кампании в RU-регионе заблокировано 38 395 учётных записей. 25 493 из них получили первое предупреждение, 12 902 заблокированы навсегда.

17 thoughts on “WoT Fair Play Update: July 2020 (New Ban Wave)

  1. Oh wow 505 of… HOW MANY? HA…
    thats like banning 505 hackers from CS once a year.

    I would call it a drop in the ocean, but i think its more a drop on the surface of the sun.

      1. Install XVM.
        IF you hit 1c per game. Literally. Do 300+ dmg per game… you got 300wn8.

        Now you see how many ppl with 5-10000+ fights are there that DO NOT MANAGE… those are bots. Those are the ones dying first. Those are the ones you often find sitting in base wiggling turret.

  2. Another thing to keep in mind besides the fact that WG are lying cunts, is that russian players use VPN to play on EU servers. So guess where all those banned cheaters go to.

  3. Lol, 12902 permabans on RU…

    That’s the only believable number here, and says plenty about the quality of the RU playerbase.

  4. Massive ban wave??? AHAHAHAHAH……….BULLSHIT!!!!

    More than 2/3 of players use illegal mods …….that they are all cursed forever …….

    1. ..to compensate your small dick, brain or maybe both? ruining the game for the other players and for u too – for what? dont understand goatfuckers like you.

      1. lil boy geting mad on me? man i enjoyng tearing ebrs at theyr full speed with autoloaders mostly,4 rounds from lorr yesterday to ebr 90 he was ma ¨d on me in chat like you ahaha iam laughing on ppls like you xd

  5. small true story:
    I got 1st warning from WG 2 years ago, for using forbidden mods. I wrote a ticket and showed them that i only use ProMod from Oldskool. WG didnt replyed my ticket properly, only standard machine answers, after many try to try a real tylk to a staff form WG – i gave up and thought, maybe they made a mistake. Its only a first warning and nothing happend, exlcuding the 7 day bann (btw at this time me and my clan was fully operable in CW and my missing was hard to compensate for my team). Then after 9 months i got a perma bann, for same reason like 9 months before. WTF !!! i got 4 reward tanks (incl. chief and 9O7) and i played since 2013 and got 56k battles. Inever used mods before, I started to use mods with Oldskools promod, a friend in the forum brought me to him and i never used a other mod, why should i ? ProMod fits me with all i needed.

    Then i tryed to talk to Alex aka OldSkool directly through his stream, and the only answer i got from him was, that he dont believe me and i must have used other “forbidden” mods. I tryed to talk serious with him, even after his stream was closed, and in the end he got banned me from his stream, blacklisted me ingame and he insulted me in discord channel “Promod Discord Server” as a subhuman, as a fucking incest child and many more…

    Now a year ago i started with a new account and i use “Battle Observer” from Armagomen and i got no trouble until now. I will and i would give any other the advice to DONT USE PROMOD. Even the guy behind this modpack is a asshole anyway, but he will not take care about his Modpack users. He only hunt for the data behind the users of his modpack, cuze he sell the Data with every install of this bullshitpack. This guy is a little piece of shit from germany.

    a true story from a very sad guy who lost his acc through this bullshit guy 🙁

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