Ed Francis Almost Commited Suicide

Ed Francis is a former WG EU Community Contributor and a top historian when it comes to digging up info from the British archives. Recently, he was fired from the museum where he worked at, which was basically his life. All because a certain person many of you know decided to „spill the beans”. Normally I wouldn’t post stuff like this due to mistakes in the past, articles that caused me to lose precious friends, authors, readers, and pieces of my sanity (brace yourselves, huge s***storm incoming) but I ask you, what is the purpose of a news blog? To post news when they happen, no matter what. If I am to be hated for it, then so be it. I’ve asked people before posting this, thought this 3 times over, and everyone gave me the green light this time. I still feel like I’m going to regret it. Let’s begin.

We have received a mail from a TAP reader, describing everything in great detail:


Long story short, you must have heard of this guy called Ed Francis, he was a good friend of Rita, this was until they had a fallout!!!! He tried to commit suicide a few days ago, and the reason is that Rita sends a private message screenshot to the Tank Museum, where he used to work and also do contract work for Wargaming, saying that he wouldn’t mind seeing another guy who works at the museum knifed in the street. This conversation between her and him was back in 2016 or so, he was under heavy medication because of depression and didn’t really know what he was saying.

No matter, she decides to share this information with the museum out of nowhere, he got fired and was banned for life from the grounds. He tried to kill himself because of that! Can you imagine? Rita’s actions almost killed a person!

So, I started doing some digging, contacting some people and turns out the reason she did it, was because she was afraid that Ed would reveal her dirty little secrets, how she is a compulsive liar and cheated on Jingles and her “new” boyfriend.

It seems that Ed caught her cheating in a “recent” trip to Belgium she did with him, with a soldier from the barracks, but I got solid proof that she cheated on Jingles before and during the time they were engaged!

I’m not going to reveal who sent this information to me, but it won’t take a smart person the know who it was. Also, in the same “conversations” you can find some other stuff, she has been trying for some time to accuse Nick Moran (The_Chieftain) from Wargaming of sexual harassment, but it turns out it’s all lies! She told all her fans that she moved to the UK because she decided to leave this abusive relationship, but turns out, she left to move with Nick, but he seems to have changed his mind at the last minute and bailed out. She got so pissed off at him that she now says to people that he is a dirty old man that sends her d**k pics and tried to abuse her, but you will see conversations below that she sent him pictures and that was all consensual between both of them!!!!!

So, have a read at the pictures in “Rita and Chieftain” zip file pictures (all proof pics are at the end of the article), and remember, you need to read bottom to top, it’s strange I know, but you will see. This was back in 2016, right after Jingles and Rita announced they were engaged.

When Chieftain said “I’m a tad confused, recent posts indicated other directions…” that’s where you get all the clues you need. Read the zip file called “Rita Forum Posts”, and you will see that, for some stupid reason no one knows, she was posting at the time this “semi-erotic” story she was having with a guy called Mr. G or also known as Mr. Ginger. This guy was f***ing Rita and didn’t even know she got engaged with Jingles, because she was hiding it!!! She basically was dating Jingles and this guy at the same time!

What I find even more strange is that she keeps posting even after she gets engaged, and it doesn’t take a smart person to understand that more than it’s told there is happening. Then, you get some of her confessions in a conversation she had with someone she knows.

Check the file “Rita Cheating on Jingles”, and you will see the same thing, read bottom to top and I believe the numbers are reversed, but you will get it. It took me about an hour to read all the posts, check the dates!!!! and see that she was f***ing this Mr. Ginger aka Steve and was engaged with Jingles. Then, she gets caught by Mr. G., he found that she was engaged and he ditched her. Jingles never found out!!!! She also tries to blame it on Jingles because he said he didn’t want kids!

This is also going around her community, loads of her “servants” left her Discord, etc.

Last but not least, it’s the final piece of the puzzle! The file Rita will have screens of conversations on Facebook of her saying that Nick Moran was a predator and she is also talking s**t about Wargaming staff!! Plus, the pictures of the books are her lying to her community, here she said she just got some books, and there is one that she already shared years before. There is also a screen of her accusing members of FILO of groping her at Tankfest, and she never said who, and as far as I was told, it was all lies.

She then tries to blame all her problems on PTSD and a past abusive relationship with a guy from NL!

Anyway, I think you can see that she is a liar and manipulator. How WG still keeps her around as a CC just shows that WG doesn’t really care!

Oh almost forgot, I’ve been told that she called the cops on Ed, saying that he was stalking her for the last 5 years and she was afraid for her life! AHAHA! I’ve been told he showed evidence to the cops they were friends, so they are currently investigating the whole thing and she might get into trouble because of that!

Rita and Chieftain:

Rita Forum Posts:

Rita Cheating on Jingles:


105 thoughts on “Ed Francis Almost Commited Suicide

    1. Thankyou for sharing the dirt on Rita. I never liked her, but glad to know so I don’t ever watch or support her again. Watched her before just to see what hype was about but she didn’t seem very good. Good for the community to know there is a nasty person in the community so we can not support them in any-way, so I appreciate it. I always like Jingles, I hope in future he looks up “narcissism” to be able to identify it sooner. Dated one myself/almost same as sociopath no guilt no remorse all about them.

  1. Ey, leave our boy Chieftan out of this, he did the right thing, begonsting the thot, as he should have..lol

    And Seb, you are truly becoming a true modern-day press representative, with these kinds of titles 😀

  2. I am glad that you shared this and it all comes back to a talk years ago with a mate when she “engaged” with Paul/Jingles….

  3. I never like the b1tch anyway so i won’t lose any sleep . But she must be a real piece of work . I feel sorry for Jingles though , he’s a decent guy.

    1. A piece of work for all the 40+ year old guys in the community, maybe…She’s just an average meh looking girl for the rest of the population…

  4. I do have depressions for quite a long time as well and oh boy this move was so dirty, there is only one word in my mind… BITCH.

    I hope he gets well soon.

    1. I’m sorry but you’re wrong because the word you’re looking for is “CUNT”.

      Bitch is for those who are just being annoying as can be but cunt is reserved for those who want to ruin lives and betray others.

  5. Glad that you shared this with the community, so everyone know that this is a bit,,, This word is the best description for such a behavior. I hope the guy get well again and wish her, that he gets all back twice, cause karma can be a bitch.

    1. Is anyone can surprised by this, it’s been obvious for years she’s someone who just views men as disposable wallets. Total sociopath.

  6. I think you where silly to put it mildly posting this. I do not defend Rita but this only should be send to WG, Jingles and other people mentioned in this story. As far as I understand this website focus on game’s rellated news not gossip. I feel sorry for the chap who was shafted by her, but realistically we will not be able to help him so postiong this will only cause you problems going forward. I hope I’m wrong and I wish you well but you may find yourself in the shit storm to big for you to handle as for Rita well…. if half of this is true….

  7. Holy shit. I always felt that something wasn’t right with her but I couldn’t imagine all of this. She deserves everything that is coming to her after this shitstorm she created. Hopefully Nick won’t be caught up in this.

      1. Jingles should kick that whore out of his house if he haven’t done it already.

  8. Soo… I feel like there are some already public parts of the story I am missing? Where is the “Ed Francis gets banned for life from the Tank Museum” story arc?

  9. A shame Jingles and chieftain have been dragged in, that aside I’ve always hated rita.

    Regarding Ed francis, one look at how he talks to people on the internet on various sites shows that he’s a grade A cunt and I wouldn’t care in the slightest if he died

      1. and she will likely remain a CC because none of what she has done breaks any rules or laws. That said I’m sure many would want her to lose her CC status over this.

        One can only hope that Karma eventually shows up in her life. Beside taxes and death you also can’t escape Karma.

  10. Why would you post this on here. Think im gonna find my wot news somewhere else in the future.

      1. Such people just wait for a moment to post their “I find my wot news somewhere else from now on” You can never do anything about it. So ignore them. I think this article is interesting as it is very special and gives insights in some people and their backgrounds.

        1. Ah fuck off, i am here for wot related news. Not some drama bullshit about people i dont give a fuck about.

          1. Ed helped a lot to WG with British tanks so it’s related news…

          2. It is almost like you can skip over it with one turn of the scrollwheel

              1. Ah you are that person who skips a whole movie because you dont like the opening credits. Understandable

          3. Yet you not only care enough to read it but to comment on it, multiple time, injecting your own drama….

  11. Interesting reveal.

    However, i am kinda missing some form of commentary, verification from other sources like the people mentioned and/or opposing statements after that direct quote from the letter. Currently, this article just seems like a bit of a skeleton which could be fleshed out a bit more.

    1. It’s based on the findings of a sole source, you can’t expect much more from one person I guess.
      Even still, it’s definite proof.

      1. Well, it would be better to first reach out for comments to the parties involved. And maybe just leave the personal convo screens for when a dispute atempt appears. I mean… did I really need to read through a ton someone’s personal convo to get the message? Wouldn’t summing up the stuff in a factual manner and noting that there are records of personal convo to back it up?

        Now I’m left wondering about existence of dick pics with little cowboy hat on top. (no homo)

        1. A summary would of course be open to accusations of personal bias and of trying to “steer” people to a predetermined opinion, having it all laid out like that allows you to form own opinion.

          1. Yeah, no.
            Right now the article is based off stuff provided by a single person, who is clearly not a neutral party in the matter. There’s simply not enough content here to form a meaningful opinion.

            A summary written in a neutral, factual way would be way less open to whatever, than this one-sided article already is.

            Also, other people’s non-public conversations are not something to flail in public unless somehow necessary, that’s like a basic decency, whether or not people feel like playing journalist.

  12. shes done far worse, aint just steve shes been on quite a few guys i know.
    good that you exposed her though shes been trouble on the scene for years and is hated by many

  13. I just bothered to read most of this and summarized its a “reveal” that rita was dating someone 4 years ago, presumably at the same time she was engaged to jingles (that engagement didnt last long, ended in march 2017 according to here twitter).

    Cheating on someone is a dick move, but everyone makes mistakes and seeing this article being published 3-4 years after the facts is quite silly. Nobody deserves it to have their private messages/life thrown on the internet like that, especially after 3-4 years!

    The whole story about the suicide and the background also just seems to come from an anonymous source that sent you an email, no references no proof, nothing. I simply dont trust internet posts without sources or proof.

    Assuming the story of here sharing the info that ‘he wouldnt mind someone getting stabbed in the knife on the street’ is correct. I personally agree sharing that information altho I would have probably added a psychologist to it. No sane person wishes for someone else to die.

    To end it: Suicide is never an option, if anyone reading this is struggling with suicidal thoughts please look for help.

    1. “No sane person wishes for someone else to die.” // Well, that one’s a pretty naive worldview. People dying solves a lot shit.

    2. Agree and if the guy was under depression medication, for sending those messages, no wonder he tried to kill himself now!! not necessary because of rita, there is antecedent here, he shoul seek help.

  14. Seems wired that the museum takes action on chatlogs from 4 years ago they got from a 3rd person without talkin to the person in the first place. Thats at least what i would expect on that matter.

  15. First of all – respect for having the courage to post this publicly, because this might be big.
    Secondly – what a sh*tshow here. I hope after this we will get comments from all accountable to this sh*tstorm. I’d love to hear people confirming or actively denying this.

  16. no comment….

    not worth it to reat about rita … I just scrolled most of the dirty talks with her … please do not waste to much energy on her… she’s simply not worth it … I, and you too, should not care of whom she is doing … everybody is free to do whatever AND BEAR THE CONSEQVENCES of own actions…and the more you speak about her the more you do her a great favour and that is more publicity so, for the last time: rita is not worth our time.

  17. Wait, so basically, two influenzas decided to get married. I can see how it will go.

  18. Morale of the story…Don’t order you women from Portugal…Order them from Eastern Europe.

    1. I guess you are from Eastern Europe and you find funny to do discriminatory comments about women from a specific country! I guess you are no better….

    2. As a fellow Portuguese person I find this inappropriate and out of context. I’ll cut some slack as this might be a humorous take and you’ll find such people everywhere.

      Attention seekers do not pick nationality, gender, race, etc. which a reasonable person would know without anyone telling them.

  19. I met Rita once at tankfest.
    She was strutting round like she owned the place and spoke to people like they were inferior to her. Since then my view changed on her to being someone fairly nasty, so this doesn’t surprise me one bit

  20. Just from a casual glance I’d say that this is not the kind of information that should be leaked to the public. Regardless of who has done what to whom, this strikes me as a rather personal matter, and I think it is very dangerous to expose individual people to the rage of the internet like that. I am actually a bit disappointed about Sebastianul; I’m a big fan of his work, but washing dirty laundry should be beneath The Armored Patrol.

    In my opinion, this article should be deleted, and I am certainly not going to read it. It is of no concern to me, and besides, there are things going on in the world that are much worthier of our attention.

    1. There are people out there with a laundry list that needs to be revealed, so they stop acting the way they do and perhaps stop their crooked ways as well.
      Sure, this doesn’t fit into the blog’s profile, however the blog is and was always giving information to the community, helping to shed light on things the average player might never hear from otherwise.
      And revealing that one of the major CCs did this to other people, especially people like The Chieftain, it’s a thing we shouldn’t just ignore.
      You don’t have to agree with this, or the decision behind posting the article, but the article itself is a necessary thing for the betterment of the community as a whole.

      1. This whole article could have been redacted in a much more subtle way that would still have shed light on what had happened, while keeping respect to the privacy of ALL parties involved: the victims and yes the perpetrator as well.

        Posting it in this fashion is just as toxic to the issue at hand and non beneficial to any solution. It’s akin to throwing shit in the fan and having it splatter all around without regardless of consequences.

      2. I respectfully disagree – I don’t think this will help to better the community; quite the contrary. And whatever Rita Sobral is accused of in this article, she will surely not get a fair and balanced response from the community – it doesn’t work that way. Sorry, but this smells too much like a witchhunt to me.

        Again, I have not read the article so an important point might elude me – apologies if that is the case – but I really don’t want to do it. Of course I’m curious, but then it would feel to me as if I fell for trap if I did so.

        1. “I have not read the article” – This pretty much renders any opinion you may have pointless, you cant find 5 minutes to read to validate/negate your opinion that you arrived at from reading the title but go straight to the comments to white knight.

          1. I think you’re missing the point. I just think that this kind of information should not have been made public, and I don’t want to be part of this. I think that’s fair enough.

    2. She herself has already leaked this crap to the public and has done for years!! In fact she won’t shut up about it! Those screenshots is not even the worst of it. Which is why her discord and twitch channel has died off! As most with any sense avoid her like the plague and ignore her…
      As she is full of crap..

  21. Sorry @Seb. This is indeed very sad, but no matter what or how it happened. Openly posting stuff like this for the whole world to see can be juridically deemed as SLANDER in most EU countries.
    Just know this.

    Personal opinion regarding TAP and this.
    It would’ve been different if it was about Victor being arrested for laundering in the Cayman’s for example.
    But lending your platform for this drama, where you essentially now mingled yourself into other peoples serious relationship business, interpersonal drama and possibly personal mental health issues…is IMO dangerous, sub par of you and for TAP.

    Mental health issues are to be taken seriously, especially if one or both people have had or have gotten issues regarding this.
    Adding fuel to fires like by this post is not beneficial. It can be very harmful (even for the guy who tried to harm himself in the first place), it’s a-professional on a personal level and even more so journalism wise for TAP.

    But heck, for the time being ‘ll still be here to be cynical and shit talk WG if they IMO fuck things up.
    But do keep drama shit like, that is actually none or your business, this from your platform. Be professional about it, or gtfo.

      1. Of course.
        But considering the sensitivity of this (perhaps an understatement) it is better to report of the matter in a very neutral way. Not giving names, nor laying blames, nor detailing it in the way with what was posted.

        Until the ins and outs of the matter are actually checked and cross checked, subtlety should be the name of the game.

        What it is now, no matter who is right or wrong, it is flinging shit (the details) around the internet for the world to see of peoples interpersonal business.

  22. you say this is only article on this topic…but you are wrong…you opened a can of worms that will take you weeks to sort out…..while you claim to be neutral the tone of article says something else: you claim Rita did something with intent of killing another person because that person had information on her cheating and then you proceed to put the evidence of her cheating…BIG DEAL!!!…..show the evidence she knew the person will commit suicide because of it!….and the guy getting fired and banned for life because of a 3-4 year old post??? CMON-there has to be more to it:why dont you follow on that too…..hey you claim to be impartial side….so investigate everything

  23. I am pretty sure this won’t end well either for you or Rita, Seb.

    While I applaude you the courage for exposing someone, to me you are basically endorsing this guy’s accusation without much investigative work but largely base your “report” on someone’s email. This whole thing reminds me a lot of the tabloid news outlets – story has some truth to it but had been twisted in a way that seems to make one party completely to blame. I am pretty sure Rita isn’t free from blame but there are a lot of details still missing.

    It doesn’t seem to me you verfied this with the various parties, or at least gave Rita a chance to respond to your (very) serious allegation against her, and you are basically destroying her career (and dragging a lot of people into this whole drama). I would suggest you immediately reach out to involved parties for comments and try to present a complete story rather than just “a email from a reader”.

  24. Hilarious, well also sad but Ed Francis has an easy win at the employment tribunal coming up, you cant take offhand comments from years ago from 3rd partys into any decision so he will probably get around 30k and his job back. Onto Rita, wow, what a textbook example of a drama queen.

    1. Most of this looks like related to borderline symptoms. I knew other woman that act quite similar.

      And this is a disease, but not related to malice.

      1. Disagree entirely.

        Between being an attention w**re or simply being an idiot (irrespective of gender, I’m not saying this as she is a woman; that is irrelevant to me), and actually having a mental issue, the former is far more likely.

        Arrogant persons are like artillery shells, they go somewhere, if you find one, you just happened to be in that somewhere they landed on.

  25. Never liked that commie cunt Rita anyway. She knew this was all coming because she did that pathetic woe is me sob story last week on youtube about being in an abusive relationship. And the tank museum can fuck off too.

  26. I am sorry, why is this on World of Tanks etc. website? Those are quite personal things, also I dont think this will end well for this web.
    This is not an opinion, this is a clear tabloid like attack to involved peoples privacy.

    If this happened to me, I would take any legal action neccesary to protect my privacy, and since it is clearly antagonistic and not objective, since other parties do not have space to comment, i would not stop, until this website and author of this post lies in flames without single penny to spare.

    People really need to learn where are some limits.

    1. You dont have a right to privacy when you put things a) all over the internet and b) use other peoples private messages as a weapon. Opinions have been expressed, legitimately, followed up by source material allowing others to form their own opinions. “Legal action” threats, the first port of call of the stupid, are nothing more than a sad attempt to bully others into capitulation, either do or do not.

      1. Mate , I was shocked at what was spoken about . The level of detail in her messages , it’s all the truth even the pancakes meal we had. Scary .

  27. Why not give Rita therght to talk, instead of judging here in a kangaroo court like you guys are doing here? Also, as someone said, surelly there is more things to come to surface than what`s been posted.

    1. She can freely come here in the comment section or on her blog to clear her mess up.

  28. So…Rita allegedly using private messages to get Ed fired is bad?……someone else using Ritas private messages to expose her as a cheat is good?…… and you claim this extensive detective work was done by ONE person??!….how do we know he doesn’t have an axe to grind with her? maybe he was frendzoned?

    1. I’m ginger Steve , and all of this is so accurate , it could have only come from Rita . Even when I bent her over the fridge , me and her were the only people who knew , as I don’t gob off about my adult time.

  29. All i read in all this silly post is how many big little boys there seem to be in world of tanks who wanted to hump a tank girl and got more then they bargained for, wow , pathethic that i have to read such filth on a tank news site, this isnt thesun, or dailymail, this is armor patrol …

    Dirty boys and dirty girls plenty in this world, i dont care about. If dirty boys think with their dicks, dont blame the dirty girls taking advantage of it, welcome to real life roflol, grow the fuck up and learn the meaning of GUTTER PRESS. U can hand in ur press badge now , u failed urself bigtime.

    How many sources do u even have on this cause having only 1 source is a mortal sin in journalism. U need multiple and verify with all of them which i doubt u did cause u were thinking emotionally and not logicly

    and the worst part , ur are trowing fuel on a fire that involved people who cleary already have mental problems, so this article could just aswel push another person to suicide. U clearly did NOT think this through.

    1. “welcome to real life roflol”, “grow the f*** up”, incredibly childish comments all the while lamenting a narrative dealing with adult subjects involving community members related to the subject matter of this website. You seem to be at mixed purposes here, spewing profanity on one hand, being upset that you were somehow forced to read it and seemingly having a beef with what you define as GUTTER PRESS. I mean if you werent interested in reading it all you had to do was…. not read it. I presume you to be adult enough that you are in control of your own actions……

      I for one have (rather had) no idea who these persons were until today but then perhaps its because I play on the US server and couldnt care less about the genitalia of people who play the same games I do. However from a sociological standpoint its quite interesting, we have a rather chunky, below average looking girl apparently sleeping her way through “names” from within a online games community and migrating through international borders to do so. The nature of her… how shall we say… flighty behaviour shows theres no real end game in sight, just a yearning to be needed, pitied (multiple victim cards played) and desired.

      The niche of WOT “names” is funny too, does this segment of the male population lack interaction with females to such a degree they are smitten by anyone showing them attention?

      Regardless, its interesting and in many ways amusing, especially when you see people, who unlike myself, have a emotional connection to one or more of the parties involved in this debacle posting here.

      1. And u clearly dont know the meaning and purpose of journalism and what responsabilities come with it, so just keep consuming ur gutter content, i couldnt care less about what u have to say or think based on some screenshots , it doesnt change the clear facts how this is a trash piece of journalism that involves people with mental illness.

        How pathethic are u to already have formed such opinions on persons u admit u never heard about before, when presented such onesided, one source trash, ur the gutter press favorite kind of consumer.

        1. Responsibility, as in personal responsibility is far more important, if you believe everything you read on the internet without examining source material, well then, more fool you. However if you have been behaving very badly and working hard to screw over other people, well, you had better have a pretty clean past or be willing to accept the responsibility for your actions.

          As for my opinions, they are what they are based on my interpretation of what source materials are available and I am entitled to them as indeed everyone else is and theres nothing you, or anyone else on the planet can do about it apart from present a coherent, well thought out rebuttal in an attempt to present things in another light and to change peoples opinions. Your ranting, barely legible dribbling however merely makes people question your mental faculties, or you know, suspect a shill account.

          As a side note, I find your insulting, ill thought out, low intelligence posts completely hilarious.

  30. Sebastianul, don’t worry mate. Let them leave if they want to. Children, all of them. This is a good thing to post and bring out in public. The truth must be brought to light. This as much WOT RELATED as anything, it’s not like you’re posting about corona or the riots in US. Don’t worry, keep posting whatever you feel is right, it’s your blog, not theirs. More confidence mate, we’re behind you all the way, especially me since we share a name frate.
    Also, on the subject, i was suspecting as much for some time due to the THOT posts Rita makes on Instagram. She’s basically 1 step away from posing nude, and doesn’t make any effort in confronting the people who ask for it in the comments, but tries to post cringy shit like “don’t misbehave”, or supposed mocking attempts like “you aren’t worthy honey”. Now it’s all out in the open. Poor Ed, poor Jingles.

  31. Though this is kinda heavy to be posting here I can see you do feel pretty strongly about standing up for people you care about. So yeah i can understand why you did it. I suspect the fallout may achieve your required results for Rita, but blowback may make for some undesired ones too.

  32. What a fail Sebastianul, what a fail from your side.Why u needed to post some of this yellow press trash news,totally one sided from your side???Why u think am gonna trust your one-sided post, because u say so?I think in this entire story, u are the most dirty person, trying to manipulate people opinion just because u have some interess in this.Shame on u Sebastianul i feel really sorry for u, better stop posting anything from now on, i will always disrespect people like u, shaded backdoor manipulator. U cant manipulate me pitty human bean, if u wanted to post something true, u should say “former WG EU CC tried to commit Suicide” and nothing else.Who are u to pick sides ffs, i dont give a sh** about your opinion and side, just to tell u.

    1. I believe it’s called Karma.

      Individuals like Rita are manipulators who operate behind the scenes and so what you see online, on streams, Twitter ect is usually a complete contrast to her own true character.

      She’s a fame hungry, attention seeking gold digger who strategically pursued the older well respected guys in the community to bolster her own success.

      Early days with FTR, Nick Moran and now Jingles.

      I believe Nick probably saw her for what she is and bailed.I like to think Jingles is playing her at her own game but maybe he is happy to be cuckold by her while she fucks her ex and all these other military guys who get her access to content.

      Nobody should care that she sleeps around it’s just unfortunate that she seems to use her sex as a career tool and a way to bag tank rides.

      Her accusations against Ed and Nick are the stand out things for me.

      She’s the one going around calling these guys sexual predators. These will be the guys facing police turning up at their door, being arrested in front of their family, neighbours.

      I doubt she even considers the consequences of these strong allegation tbh

      It’s well known that Ed got fired by Tank Museum because of the private messages rita copied to them(Years after they were written).

      BEtter to start there and find out why she did that first then maybe we can begin to understand the full story.

  33. To me this feels like supermarket magazine gossip so I really don’t care if Rita whores herself to the highest bidder or if it’s a slandering campaign that TAP is promoting (AFAIK Seb and Rita never liked each other). I do admit I find it surprising that Jingles and Conway appear in this though.

    Whatever. I’m not sure posting it here was the right choice and I would be careful this whole thing does not become a boomerang and hits Seb in the face, I enjoy TAP as a World of Tanks source of info and would rather not see it get in trouble over what, again, is just trashy gossip.

    Then again, perhaps blowing the whistle was also the right thing if it turns out these accusations hold true. I guess time will tell.

  34. I am a girl gamer and Rita has done nothing for us women in gaming. It is hard enough to be a female gamer in WoT. Rita is just another Twitch whore who has lived up to the usual stereotyp. Sleeping her way through old men on WoT.
    It is good that this information is now out here so that we decent girl gamers can not be judged like her a whore.

  35. ur such a good girl, keep blaming your fellow women, and not the men who are also whores, that way the status quo is preserved and u will always remain just another girl gamer amongst us guy gamers

  36. If someone almost committed suicide because of someone else then a police investigation is needed. That is a serious accusation. As for Rita or whatever the fuck her name is, I don’t care how loose of a woman she is, if the accusations are true. That’s between her an her SIMPS. And I don’t watch Jingles so I don’t care either what personal drama they have. Internet drama is cheap nowadays. I’m more interested in the initial accusation. That is the real evil thing for which if the accusation is real then she is a bitch. If that is true then there is a special place in hell for her with a million devil dicks awaiting. As for trying to fuck with The Chieftain the wrong way and doing false accusations that is just proof that she deserves to go to hell. Trying to ruin a man’s life by lying about sexual assault is fucking stupid and evil. That is also something worthy of a police investigation. It only takes one fucking false accusation from some dumb bitch to ruin a man’s life. Stupid bitches that think it’s a fucking game. Fuck you Rita for even playing with such accusations.

  37. I really hates choosing sides in this matter, I feel sorry for the poor guy attempting suicide, and I dont even watch Rita, am just dissapointed in you Seb for doing this.I living in Serbia, where during 90s state media send thousands into the death sharing false or twisted news like u Seb. Since than i hate every attempt to manipulate people opinion, like u did Seb.
    Fanny thing I dont even like Rita, coldnt care less if she is whoring to everyone, sucking di** or else, at the end it is her life, am not moral policeman, but i care about manipulation of people opinion. I really think that u Sebastianul are the worst in this matter.Period.

    1. Sorry #NPC293492, but you ain’t fooling nobody. If we don’t moral police, as you say, our peers, and even more, people who have influence over others, them you get exactly what’s happening now with the world. Depravity, degeneracy and so on. Maybe you don’t care about others, but most normal people who think for themselves do. With fame such as Rita’s also come a responsibility to be an example for others. If you fuck around and do what you like completely disregarding morals, expect to get bashed. Sebastian is a perfect example of a rarer and rarer sight. People speaking for the truth and moral responsibility. And yes, we DO have the moral highground in this.

  38. Shocking behavior. Just shocking. And this person Rita is still having a CC status with WG?

    The museum which acted in response should also be ashamed of any sponsorship of her. You simply cant trust such a person. shame for jingles and anyone who supports her and this evil shit

    Watch her deny all this and make up some more lies, wont shock actually if she say Ed is sexual harassing her then next, easy pattern. a dangerous sort of person to interact with at all. she will embarrass all if not destroy them, people like this exist everywhere and not surprising to see one in the ships and tank community raise its ugly head… literally… jingles if you are still with her what are you doing?? many other women out there who take good care their body and their friends

    I praise TAP for the bravery to accept the information and put it on blast. This Ed Francis person deserves justice.

  39. Can someone pls delete this racist Nazi-comment in german? It is a german “poem” used by the skinhead scum” I was born in Turkey, lieve since 20 years and germany and one of my cousins was beaten to the cripple by these assholes 2 years ago. It really hurts to read that…. Please dont give racist comments a chance on this blog. PLEASE!

  40. I’m ginger Steve and what is said about me and the level of detail Could only have come from Rita. I didn’t cheat on her . I just refused to talk to her when I found out about Paul , aka the mighty gingles . What Rita didn’t know was , I have three pals who served with Paul Charlton and they all told me about Rita. I was heart broken . I didn’t want to get angry at her so I just walked away. I let her Into my life with my kids and all this happened .

    Pretty upsetting.

    But scary AF the level of detail shown here.

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