WoT Anniversary Act III. Tame the Crouching Sturmtiger!

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We’re continuing the 10th Anniversary celebration of World of Tanks by launching Act III: Rubicon on June 17. You’ll have the opportunity to try out the iconic Sturmpanzer VI Sturmtiger, a true legend of our game. This formidable SPG with unbelievable agility and devastating firepower got stuck in the past on one of the old maps. But for the game’s 10th Anniversary, we’ve freed it from a time loop and reintroduced it to the game, at least for one week of the Active Phase.

Crouching Tiger

June 17 at 05:00 (UTC) through June 24 at 05:00 (UTC)

Prime Times (EU1, EU2): 17:00 UTC — 21:00 UTC

The Ultimate Predator From Your Tank Nightmares

The Sturmpanzer VI Sturmtiger was a real-life SPG produced in limited numbers. This fearsome, heavily armored vehicle could deal monstrous damage, but it was extremely slow, clumsy, and impractical in battle.

In 2014-2015, we spent a long time thinking about how to organically integrate the Sturmtiger into the World of Tanks ecosystem. But due to its contradictory features and very special characteristics, we couldn’t find a suitable place for it in any of the existing branches.

Very quickly, this goliath became a real tank meme, a kind of “urban legend” in the game. It scared novices who saw it in their nightmares. Yet at the same time, the Sturmtiger served as a prototype for some of the assault tank destroyers that later appeared in the game. They inherited their low speed, solid HP pool, and devastating firepower from this unreleased beast.

However, the most attentive commanders could spot the Sturmtiger in the game. It was hiding behind the half-open door of an inconspicuous garage on the Severogorsk map that was removed from the game in Update 0.9.5. World of Tanks veterans, do you remember this beast smiling at you?

The Crouching Sturmtiger is Coming Out to Hunt!

In honor of the game’s 10th Anniversary, the Sturmtiger is leaving its secret shelter in Severogorsk to go hunting for the first time in its digital life. This colossal predator was created based on historical records, and it’s every bit as terrifying as the legends say! But don’t forget that the hunter can become the hunted at any moment, because you’ll have to fight… with nine other Sturmtigers!

In addition to an incredible HP pool (10,000 points), the Sturmtiger boasts monstrous alpha damage. It fires two types of ammo: high-explosive and HEAT shells.

  • High-explosive shells have higher velocity but mediocre armor penetration. Their alpha damage is 3,000 points.
  • HEAT shells boast insane alpha damage (7,000 points) and impressive armor penetration but lower velocity.

Be sure to choose the most suitable shell type depending on the tactical situation! Here’s how they work in battle.

How to Play

At the start of Act III, you’ll find the iconic Sturmtiger, a Tier X vehicle, in your Garage. Select it and click the “Battle” button to enter the special Crouching Tiger mode. You can choose to play solo or in a platoon with friends.

  • Battles take place in a separate game mode between two teams of 10 players on the following maps:




  • To win, either capture the base or destroy all enemy vehicles during the battle.
  • All players roll out in Sturmtigers, so get ready for extremely intense battles! This may remind veterans of 2014-2015 when the matchmaker sometimes assembled battles with 15 SPGs fighting on each side.
  • During the event, the matchmaker will create a separate queue for players fighting in this mode.
  • The total battle time is 5 minutes.
  • Each team’s vehicles will have different camo colors, so you won’t confuse your allies with your foes.
  • Platoons of up to 3 players are allowed. The matchmaker will not permit a platoon imbalance. If one team contains a platoon, so will the other.
  • Random Battle achievements can’t be earned.


It’s impossible to mount additional equipment on the Sturmtiger. It also doesn’t have a crew, and you can’t use consumables and directives. In this event, we’ll activate “zero economy” mode, so no credits are spent or earned in battles. You don’t earn XP, vehicles don’t receive damage to their modules (or crew members, of course), and post-battle repairs are free.

Complete Special Missions to Earn Anniversary Coins and Unique Customizations!

Personal, Daily, and Anniversary Missions for the Active Phase can’t be completed in this mode. Instead, special missions rewarding you one Anniversary Coin for each Sturmtiger destroyed will be available.

  • Sturmtiger: Sharp Claws


  • Destroy 10 enemy Sturmtigers


  • Can be completed in the Sturmtiger only
  • Once per account
  • Event battle mode


  •  x6 Good Old Sturmtiger emblems
  • Wunderkind medal

Reward for destroying 50 Sturmtigers:


  • x6 Arty Slayer inscriptions (RU)
  • x6 Arty Slayer inscriptions (EN)

Reward for destroying 100 Sturmtigers:

  •  x6 Playing With Fire projection decals
  •  x6 No More Menace! projection decals
  •  100 Anniversary Coins

Plus, completing these missions will fill your vault with cool rewards:

  • Unique decals
  • Cool inscriptions
  • An exclusive medal
  • A special emblem

Engage in the fiercest of battles and earn exclusive customization elements to show off to your friends!

Tame the crouching Sturmtiger to earn Anniversary Coins and unique customizations!

14 thoughts on “WoT Anniversary Act III. Tame the Crouching Sturmtiger!

  1. Sounds like a fun idea. Still, the name Rubicon brings bad very bad memories. I remember to how people rigged matches to win the massively overpowered T-22’s, which really messed up random matches. It was good that WG evenually decided to nerf them to the ground, but they took way too long to react, and besides, the cheaters got to keep the tanks. One of WG’s really epic fails, one of several.

    1. now everyone rigging Obj.279(e), is it better?
      and T-22 med was far away from OP, the turret and the whole front armor is paper,
      it was strong against bots,
      WG didn’t change a single mm on the armor layout and it sucks now because players are not complete sheeps like in 2015

      1. And how exactly are people rigging the mission to get the Object 279(e)?

        1. Toodlepip
          find it by yourself, if you aren’t a sheep you will notice there are mission riggers overnight

          1. Yep…I’ve seen sub 50%ers get a tank that is normally only available for those of blue or unicum level stats. I’ve also seen people who obviously bought their accounts with a 279e on it since the overall stats are high but recent stats are deep in the red.

            1. You do know there is a difference between rigging matches/missions and buying accounts/paying to get better stats or certain tanks unlocked?

      2. Actually, players are far worst now. That’s why most matches lasts 2 or 3 minutes and ends 15-2 and the only startegy they know is to shoot gold to the front, unaware of weakspots; or yolo around with magical accuracy

        1. Most matches last 2 to 3 minutes because WG designed them that way. They removed the maps that allowed for more dynamic gameplay in favor of simpler more corridoor style maps. At the same time they’ve changed the meta of the game from slower style combat into something that favors flexible and quick vehicles.

          The fact people use gold rounds is negligable in that argument. WG’s aim with faster matches is to force all players not just those shooting gold to lose money. When players lose money they’re more willing to resort to buying premium time to prevent losing too many credits. It also helps promote the sale of premium tanks. Basically it all boils down to how WG can monetize the game and making matches quicker works in their favor. The fact most players are shit at the game is the biggest contributing factor that even nerfing/removing gold rounds can’t fix.

          Lastly if you want to make wildly ignorant statements at least use some logic or data to form an opinion rather than your own naive inexperience. I’ve played this game for 10 years and trust me…gold rounds aren’t an issue when compared to the vast number of other problems this game has which combined together require people to use gold if they want to be effective.

          1. What a joke… I played the game since the beta as a free to play player, got all my Premium tanks for free… 3k wn8 and 4,4k recents.

            Now guess what… I don’t need Premium shells to be effective, unless theres a obj 279e, then he can gtfo.
            Only played the game solo, maybe went on a platoon twice in my life because most players suck or rely only on Premium shells.
            Wish there were more players like the foch or Taugrim.

            But you’re right, wheeled shits fked this game alot, tanks with idiot proof armor, and dumb wg decisions… I used to play this game for Fun, now is getting frustating

            1. Wargaming real money comes from normal players not foch or another ccs,they use this ccs guys only for marketing and promoting the game.Wargaming it’s using tricky marketing and psychological strategies that most of players didn’t have a clue.

  2. “due to its contradictory features and very special characteristics, we couldn’t find a suitable place for it”
    Yet they find a way to introduce 100KM/h sniper yolo cars, OBJ 279’s, Stalinium armored tanks, and heavy tanks that go faster than mediums with good armor.

    “Zero economy” is a bad idea. Most will play 5 battles and never play the mode again. There is no sense of real reward or incentive to keep playing once the gimmick is over.

  3. Just cosmetic shit as rewards…I think I’ll pass on playing this. I’d rather have other rewards like credits, consumables, etc.

    1. +1, although would be OK if the cosmetic stuff was good but none of the anniversary stuff is worth having; utter trash.

      WG couldn’t possibly do a google search and find military insignia etc that tanks actually had or give us stuff like a skull and cross bones decal, for example.

      1. I’d still rather not have decals and such because its such low effort stuff. If anything I’d rather see them work more towards skins as rewards even if its only making one with minor detail changes.

        The dumb thing is WG claims it takes just as long to make a skin for a tank as it does to make a new tank for the game. That is actually bullshit for anyone familiar with WG’s dev process and the process of reskinning game assets.

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