113 „Beijing Opera” HD Model In-game Pictures

In terms of performance characteristics and everything else, it is completely identical to the usual 113. Only for the Chinese server. Keep in mind that for Chinese players, for 2.5 years they have the 0.9.22 version of the game without any updates.

Source: wotclue

8 thoughts on “113 „Beijing Opera” HD Model In-game Pictures

  1. So these pictures aren’t taken on Chinese server?
    As the map in the background look’s very HD, pretty much like 1.0 or later…

    It must have been good to stay at 0.9.22 for these years.
    No post-1.0 new russian bias. No Obj.705A, maybe also no Obj 430U (Obj 430 was still tier X)?
    Definitely no LT-432 and maybe no Defender…

    Well, I start to feel jealous…

    (They are very very smart not allowing WG into their market in the first place. And build a buffer company for these WG games. So, they can immediately stop WG when they feel strong russian bias invasion 🙂 )

    1. I’ve never seen such projection on the TAP website. From what I understand, they are moving to 1.0 soon, but had most of the content features like maps and new tanks backported to their version. The reality is that the Standard render and 32-bit support was dropped with 1.0 and most Chinese computers could not handle the increased system requirements. This is no longer the case, so now WG must ‘backport’ the Chinese alterations to a modern version of the game.

      WoT KongZhong is horribly p2w, with the WZ-111 for example having 300 pen HEAT, available in a pack of–250 rounds I believe–for something like $3.

      Mind you, this is a server where you can buy a WTF E-100 for $240 if you so please: http://mall.kongzhong.com/product/detail?pid=3896

      Or the Object 260: http://mall.kongzhong.com/product/detail?pid=2006

      Or the T-22: http://mall.kongzhong.com/product/detail?pid=2004

      Or the unreleased (on the Wesern servers) 777: http://mall.kongzhong.com/product/detail?pid=2003

      Or a 907: http://mall.kongzhong.com/product/detail?pid=1998

      Heck, you can still buy the SU-76i for its launch price of $5: http://mall.kongzhong.com/product/detail?pid=328

      If anything, it’s almost more fair–at least it’s equally accessible for CW and otherwise if you’re willing to pay.

      The only bias KongZhong has need of is whale bias, and it already has plenty of it.

    2. Well this on their new test server held by 360. The previous publisher Kongzhong fucked the game up and that’s why they weren’t given any update by WG.

      You would be disappointed that they actually had everything except LT432 you talked about. And they have the obj 268v4 before the nerf. And sadly the reason that Defender is not that attractive in CN server is because all 122mm Chinese heavies has 300mm pen HEAT ammo with a reduced price of 3600 credits per shoot. Tier 8 matches are full of HEAT spamming and the extra armor of Defender is helpless against 300mm of pen.

      Also all illegal mods and paying others to grind your account are fully legal in CN server. And the company sells everything you can and cannot imagine from supertest tanks, CW tanks, full skill crews, unlocking techtree lines, to even unlocking your account banned for team killing or whatsoever. Some free stuff you might think as usual is not free at all. Almost no free garage slot are given and you have to spend at least 200 gold for every tank you want to have. There is no CW events so the only way to get a obj 907 or a cheiftain is to pay 150 USD worth of CNY. Also the free tier 2 and 3 tanks gifted to all players every christmas was never given to anyone in CN server. I suppose you are against of pay-to-win right? Then it’s not the haven you dreamed of, just a lawless wasteland.

      Also there are some differences, once Kongzhong changed the price for demounting equipment from 10 gold to 80 gold and changed back later because of huge opposing from players, but the price to recover a dismissed crew stayed as 1600 gold, while it only costs you 64000 credits in other server.

  2. I’m still waiting for WG to take their heads outta their asses and buff the Chinese techtree, we are in 2020 and we still have tanks whose performance was mediocre in 2014, let alone now with so many overpowered POS running around.

    1. Did you not read the interview? The Chinese medium tech tree is not very popular, so buffing it is not a priority. 100% sound logic.

    2. Chinese tanks are Russian without the bias. No one cares much for them since they are cheap copies like many other chinese things.
      There are far more popular, historical, and with different gameplay lines that need to become competitive first

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