Update 1.9.1: Price Changes

Concept 1B:

Tank price in gold changed from 5 to 17,500

  • This means that the tank is ready for release. It will be a reward for the upcoming event (not a Global Map).

The following premium vehicles will be removed from the in-game store:

AMX Chasseur de chars.

The following premium tanks have been added to the client:

Valiant (tank price in gold: 100)

5 thoughts on “Update 1.9.1: Price Changes

  1. Looks like WG is planning to do something with the CDC.
    Maybe buff it and sell it for real money.

    As I already have it, I hope so.

  2. “It will be a reward for the upcoming event” what event? CW event or a event where everyone could get it, maybe next ranked season? monkaHmm

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