Update 1.9.1: Price Changes

Concept 1B:

Tank price in gold changed from 5 to 17,500

  • This means that the tank is ready for release. It will be a reward for the upcoming event (not a Global Map).

The following premium vehicles will be removed from the in-game store:

AMX Chasseur de chars.

The following premium tanks have been added to the client:

Valiant (tank price in gold: 100)

5 thoughts on “Update 1.9.1: Price Changes

  1. So, buffing the CDC was too much work and thus it gets sent to the scrapyard. Lame.

  2. Looks like WG is planning to do something with the CDC.
    Maybe buff it and sell it for real money.

    As I already have it, I hope so.

  3. “It will be a reward for the upcoming event” what event? CW event or a event where everyone could get it, maybe next ranked season? monkaHmm

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