June Twitch Prime Package Sneak Peek

The new Twitch Prime set will have 2 rental vehicles: the American Chrysler K GF and the Soviet T-54 First Prototype, enriched with x5 sets, an emblem and a commemorative medal.

Its distribution will start on June 11.

4 thoughts on “June Twitch Prime Package Sneak Peek

    1. “54P imo is inferior to the T44100” sure kid. Mobility wise maybe, but let’s see the T44100 bounce a full BC 25t clip with turret and UFP.

      1. Oi, no need to be rude there. And come on, bouncing stuff takes a lot of randomness into account, as well as a lot of other factors than just absolute armour thickness…

  1. Wtf? Chrysler is pretty good, i avg 3k dmg and 70% Win rate without food and with only 12 prem shells, i always try to play full ap, but 198mm of pen against tier 10’s sucks.

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