Update 1.9.1: “Flame” Style Set Pictures

Style set for the upcoming “Metal Wars” event on the Global Map. The style is treated as a non-historical, valued at 750 gold. Available for vehicles of all nationalities and Tier VIII-X vehicles.

7 thoughts on “Update 1.9.1: “Flame” Style Set Pictures

  1. this is the price we pay for telling WG that we prefer monetisation through customisation over the usual OP Premium Tank spam. Now we get both… without getting any gampelay improvements or actual new content (maps, game modes (that are actually fun) and tech tree tanks).

    why just clean up a turd when you can instead paint it with a flashy style camo and sell it for three euros?

    1. So you keep up to date on things you feel like you can shit on WG about but you pay no attention when a new map is coming to the game in a few days time?

      Further evidence that the problem with WoT is the playerbase, and particularly people like you.

  2. And yet at least third of the players in a match (and not just at lower tiers) have no camo whatsoever… Good time investment for WG?

    1. it will most likely be the reward camo for the top players on the fame points leaderboard

  3. those who will spam full gold and use “legal” mods will get some rewards for sure….

    and in case they get scared by WG mentioning word “ban”, they can rest asure.. WG will shortly after mention word “pardon”

    to the deepest pit with WG

  4. i swear if wargaming could bl0w each and every unicom in there game they would. geez they give them the best tanks the best camos and the best of everything for free.

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