World of Tanks to arrive on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

World of Tanks will be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. And there was announced a crossplay between PlayStation and Xbox, which will appear in the summer of this year.

It was supposed to be announced at the presentation of Sony’s PlayStation 5 on June 4, but as you may know, it was postponed to a later date due to protests in the US.

Now the entire gaming industry is looking forward to the next console generation. World of Tanks is available on the current consoles – should we wait for it to appear on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, or will they work with backwards compatibility?

📄 “I know that colleagues from World of Tanks Console are preparing the game for release on the new generation of consoles – PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in backwards compatibility mode. Previously, the game worked on the same principle on Xbox 360 and Xbox One: the consoles shared the same server, and the players got into the same battle. In addition, as far as I know, a crossplay will be launched in the summer: tankers on PlayStation will be able to play with tankers on Xbox.

Many other new changes and additions are planned and are already being added to the game. To make all of them available on new-generation consoles, Xbox 360 support for World of Tanks was discontinued. So by the time the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X launch, the game will not only be available in backwards compatibility mode, but it will also be greatly transformed both externally and functionally.”
— Maksim Chuvalov (Global Publishing Director of World of Tanks).

10 thoughts on “World of Tanks to arrive on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

    1. Here’s a thought, how about you stop gatekeeping people on how to play or where to play? Quit implying that your “opinion” is a “fact”.

      1. It is a fact. Console controls are shit. But people still can enjoy the games, even if they’re inferior, no one denies that.

      2. Telling a PC gaming elitist to stop trash talking console gamers is like telling a trump supporter to think rationally and for themselves.

        I’m someone who plays both on PC and console and I have to admit that shooters do play better on PC but some genres feel better when played with a gamepad.

        1. “is like telling a trump supporter to think rationally and for themselves.”

          Ah yes, because liberals have such an amazing track record of doing that? LOL. TDS alert. The only group that does is libertarians and people that don’t give a shit about politics.

  1. imo Consoles are for Racing games and sport games so he has a point
    I tried WoT Console and its clunky as fuck, but its easy to see on its playerbase aswell, they are like 5years behind or more compared to PC WoT

  2. That explains the whole Equipment and Crew 2.0. They are console friendly, so that is why they are pushing those changes, despite being complete crap.

    As for the current console versions, while they might lag behind, it’s still closer to the old game. They have the old maps, before the 1.0. They have all the removed maps. They have the removed tanks (like the WT E100). But they also have the newer tech trees.

    Some of the maps they have are even the original maps (like the Swamp, before any modifications, or Tundra)

    The console versions are developed by a different team, one that has no ties with the PC team. They have different events, fantasy tanks (well the PC version has plenty of those, too, but on the console there are more), unhistorical camos are the norm and even game modes not present in the PC version. Let’s say that the WoT Console took a different approach and direction.For example, there is no tank that can’t be obtained for the people that are not playing clan wars, ranked and so on. Any tank can be obtained through missions or by buying it.

    And let’s not bash controllers. Ever tried to play Street Fighter on PC without one?! Cosoles do great when it comes to racing, sports, beat-em up, platformers, shoot-em up, fighting games, dungeon crawlers. They have their own strengths. Just like the keyboard+mouse is better suited for strategy, tactics, FPS, TPS, RPG’s, quest adventure, action adventure.

    Console controls for certain genre are worse, but for other, they are exactly what you need.

  3. This would be interesting if you could take your PC account and play the game on console and vice versa but we know this is an impossibility due to the two games having diverged too much, shame.

    1. GPT, yes it would. But maybe WG is greedy and thought, lets do two different versions so people with both PC and console will be tempted to get both, and spend money. I dont know. But then also you have mods for PC, cheaters on PC. Its a delicate balance, but yes it could have been done a lot better. Its the same game so why do it differently? Hmmm

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