Developer Diaries: Polish Medium Tanks

The 7 tanks in this line range from Tier V to X, including a Tier VIII Premium candidate, and the crown jewel of the collection, a Tier X project with unusual engine mechanics.

List of tanks in the new branch:

  • Tier V: DS PZInz-I
  • Tier VI: B.U.G.I.
  • Tier VII: CS 44
  • Tier VIII Regular/Premium: CS 53/CS 52
  • Tier IX:  CS 59
  • Tier X: CS 63

13 thoughts on “Developer Diaries: Polish Medium Tanks

  1. well, it was no secret they were planning to add Polish medium tanks, but I believe I was one of the first commenting, on this blog, that one of the 2 lines they were planning for this year would be probably the Polish mediums after they denied the 50% done Japanese TDs, with the second line obviously being the Italian heavy tanks they already commented it is highly likely for this year, although there is still the possibility that during internal and supertesting one or more are so bad they have to rework the line and postpone it

  2. basically the new line is about switching engine mode to get in position faster than the other tank but your camo decrease using this mode, at least it’s not ebr speed
    i want to see the real speed, gun and armor values, beacuse 100mm is average now

  3. I really like these. I don’t even care if they’re fake, at least they’re good fakes, like the Chinese TD’s. They’re not outlandish and dumb.

    1. « at least they’re good fakes »
      weel, right now we HOPE they will be good, if they will or not it is a whole different matter

      1. oh lol by “good fakes” i meant they at least seemed believable. .Like, I know almost all of the Chinese TD’s are fake, but they at least look like they absolutely could have been real designs. Like, if someone told me “China tried making an SPG based on the WZ-111 and it would have looked like this: shows me picture of WZ-111G FT“, I wouldn’t doubt them even for a second. Shit like the Progetto 65 though? Nah, that’s when it starts to become stupid and obvious.

    1. there’s also the possibility that the Tier V is one of the 3 concepts for a 20/25 ton tank (apparently 25tp is a post-war designation by a author) that would be the natural sucessor to the 14TP
      the 3 concepts were
      (name of some companies?)
      which would make sense IF the Tier 5 PZInz is at least slightly based on that

      as for the T-44 and T-54 mods they did modify a few, it would not be surprising that some more “invasive” ideas stoped at blueprint stage, we will have to wait and see how close they are to the originals

  4. so far so good, good gun depression, okish armor and mobolity, looking forward to it.

  5. Had my fingers and toes crossed for something Asian. So far, not Polish mediums aren’t something that gets me very excited but the gimmick for the tier 10 really seems as though WG are scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of ideas.

    1. polak…Nuff said, now get the fuck back under the rock where you came from, polak garbage

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