Supertest: Updated Polish Tech Tree

tveY6HGISDE-e1591016347296The new branch will be starting from the 14TP tank, the first tank from the new line costing 13000-14000 exp. In addition, the tier VIII premium tank will probably appear before the launch of the entire branch and will not be equipped with the unique driving mode that the tier X will have (two modes of movement: normal and fast).

10 thoughts on “Supertest: Updated Polish Tech Tree

  1. If past experiences are anything to go by, this line will be
    – weaker than its Russian counterparts,
    – stronger than its German counterparts,
    – and the Tier VIII premium will be far superior to the one from the Tech tree

  2. Great, this shit is what we didnt need. Did any of those even exist on bp at least? I dont care enough to look after

    1. Most of them existed in blueprints but WG did take some liberty with the tier 10. People need to stop getting so hung up on whether a tank is fake or not in a game that was never intended to be historical.

  3. These tanks are interesting, quit crying babies. As long as it adds to the gameplay and diversity its fine

    WAIT. I have a huge complaint about these tanks. Why does only the tier 10 get the special engine function? Make some shit up and make it work from tiers 7 through 10.

    Its like they learned nothing since the original foch 155 or fvb 183 tree changes. You can’t have it on only the tier 10 FFS.

    1. because the others have normal combustion engines (I believe we have a consumable that does get you extra horsepower and top speed, use that) while the Tier 10 is powered by a gas-turbine (MBT-70 soon ^TM)

      1. tanks with gas turbines already in the game (released and unreleased): E75 TS, Concept 1B. I feel the E75 TS would also get the jet engine sound(and maybe the new mechanic?) with the polish mediums launch, right now it sounds like a typical mybach v12

        1. true, but that does not change the fact they plan to introduce that mechanic to the Tier 10 specificaly because it is equiped with a gas-turbine and not the usual diesel engine

      2. I wanted to say that MBT-70 will never be added to game because of composite armor, but then i remebered Chieftain and T95/FV4201….

        1. yeah, valid point….. except for the fact the MBT-70 did not have composite armor, the MBT-70 had 2 layers of armour (making it spaced armor, like the sides of many of the Soviet tanks) and in between those it was supposed to be some anti-radiation material to keep the crew safe

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