9 thoughts on “VK 168.01 (P) Available on EU

  1. This tank is such a crap, even if they gave it away in tank rewards I would barely grind for it.

  2. WG gave me a 20 rental on this ages ago, never bothered ‘cos I’ve got the VK100. 01P which is better. I wish I could get rid of it from my garage

  3. The only thing it’s epic at is being is a boat anchor , not too good when i hoped for a decent tank

  4. … This tank needs a 650- 750 damage dealing 15cm. whats the point.
    I think this gun would fit in alongside 152K, 75.01K and the 780 damage dealing 703

    1. That gun was originally planned for Mauschen and then dropped because in testing the tank was far too strong against lower tiers. I’m not sure having it in Tier 8 would be a good thing.

      Also, ISU and VK are balanced by significant drawbacks, 703-II is not but then again it is ruski shit so of course it does not have drawbacks.

      1. I think if 780 alpha damage works in tier 6 with 40 top speed, 750 at 20 top speed wont be game breaking… the 130- 175mm weak spots of the 168 are no joke

  5. I’d rather save my money for ISU-152K, or get Mauschen/Maus if I want a German superheavy that actually works.

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