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    1. Stealing land from other countries isn’t a good enough reason?

      1. Out of all the reasons to dislike the Soviet Union, you choose the most moronic. I suppose you’ll be removing the Union Jack from all your British tanks too, then? Since, y’know, they’re the worst offenders of stealing land in the history of the world.

        1. We still have to suffer the repercussions of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact. Soviets collaborated with Germans until 1941, so they weren’t exactly the good guys… plus our nation’s elite was murdered/exiled cause of the communist takeover… Many reasons.

          1. Yeah good choice indeed, keep the Germany nazi army icon, why not also put a big German waving flag decals too. Russian are the worst.
            You just lowered my respect for you so much, I think I’ve had enough and will be changing my info news site.

            1. Moronic admin is quick to spit out “Soviets collaborated with Germans until 1941”, but he fails to point that his nation allied with Nazi Germany, cooperated with Nazi Germany, jointly invaded the USSR with Nazi Germany, and well, of course, was punched in the nose for it like Nazi Germany. I rejoice each time I read how the Romanian army was gutted in Op. Uranus in Stalingrad with nothing more than PaK 36s to deal with T-34s.

            2. If you’d read up on history a little you would have found out the German Iron Cross goes way back to 1813. Where it was established by the king of prussia. Also the german Bundeswher is still using the Cross on it’s Vehikels to this day.

                1. I dont think so, the red star is a dedicated communist symbol.
                  The iron cross is not a Nazi symbol.
                  I get the point that nazi germany may have been worse then the soviet union, but still, many eastern european countries still feel the consequences of communist suppression.

              1. and if you research even further you will also find out the swas.tika was used by the Romans, does that change what it simbolizes after WWII?
                of course not, and that is why it should never be used again

          2. “Of all the allies of Nazi Germany, Romania bears responsibility for the deaths of more Jews than any country other than Germany itself. The murders committed in Iasi, Odessa, Bogdanovka, Domanovka, and Peciora, for example, were among the most hideous murders committed against Jews anywhere during the Holocaust. Romania committed genocide against the Jews. The survival of Jews in some parts of the country does not alter this reality.”

            Oh, poor little Romania, how sad for you. Maybe you shouldn’t have been a bunch of Nazi’s then. You get what you deserve.

            1. When you are surrounded by enemies, you pick what you can to at least get the biggest land chunk you lost back. Yugoslavia tried being neutral and that got them invaded. After the war, 400.000 Romanian Jews emigrated to Israel and we were the only communist country with formal diplomatic relations with Israel. We paid the price, all our industry was stolen by USSR, we had to give huge war reparations until the late 50s and so on.

              1. “When you are surrounded by enemies”

                You can thank the Entente for that.

                As for post WW II Soviet Cucking, I wonder what could have happened if either the “Third Europe” alliance or the Intermarium plan came into a success after WW I and they made a stand against Germany and the Soviets with allied help.

              2. Yes, because having diplomatic relations with Israel is such a good thing. Not like they’re doing a genocide of their own, or nothing.

                Israel can do a little genocide, as a treat.

                1. I kinda agree that moving our embassy so quickly to Jerusalem is a move that shows our weakness, plus Mossad are pretty influential in our secret services. We also got well with many Arab nations back then, we tried (unsuccessfully) to mediate their conflicts with Israel.

                  1. Wrong Seb, Czechoslovakia was also country at the beginnin with diplomatic relations with Israel and helped to establish their suverenity and helped them with weaponry for their army. Until Stalin and Breznev ordered to freeze with them…

                    1. True, but we managed to keep diplomatic relations the whole of the Cold War.

            2. Bahahaha. You’re wrong kiddo. Romania committed massive genocide against GYPSIES not jews. Yeah sure in official numbers, we were killing jews by the thousands because we had to look the part for germany, since they were HELPING US RECLAIM BASARABIA WHICH WAS STOLEN BY THE RUSSIANS IN THE FIRST PLACE after WW I, but in reality ol’ Maresalul Antonescu was shipping them off in trains out of Romania, which lead to the actual sparing of thousands. And as a plus, nobody had more genocicde against jews than good ol’ USSR but i guess “history” doesn’t want you to remember that. The soviets hated jews even more than Hitler himself. Also USSR had the most numbers in terms of genocide of all the countries involved in WW II, most of that genocide beings against ITS OWN PEOPLE. You’ve heard of nazi concentration camps? Let me introduce you to the salt mines of the GULAG where depending on how much the state hated you, you would mine salt with your bare hands until you would have no hands left. So stfu with this “Muh the USSR was not the bad guy” bullshit and read up on actual history, not that history channel bullshit or your high school text book.

              1. ”soviets hated jews even more than Hitler” ”Also USSR had the most numbers in terms of genocide of all the countries involved in WW II” ” nobody had more genocicde against jews than good ol’ USSR” …
                So, you want to say that the USSR is a greater evil than Nazi German?

                1. The point is they were equally bad. The thing wrong here is that the Soviets are treated as heroes for winning the war. But if you look at life during Soviet rule it was pure horror.

                  More than 300,000 citizens of Estonia, almost a third of the population at the time, were affected by deportations, arrests, execution and other acts of repression.
                  Estonia permanently lost at least 200,000 people or 20% of its population to repression, exodus and war.
                  In Latvia on 14 June 1941, thousands of people were taken from their homes, loaded onto freight trains and taken to Siberia. Whole families, women, children and old people were sent to labor camps in Siberia. The crime was perpetrated by the Soviet occupation regime on the orders of high authorities in Moscow. Prior the deportation, the Peoples Commissariat established operational groups who performed arrests, search and seizure of the property. Arrests took place in all parts in Latvia including rural areas.

                  And not forget to mention the Holodomor, where approximately 6-7 million people died of starvation in the Soviet Union, mostly comprising of people living in rural Ukraine.

                  1. Moldavians also were deported to Siberia in cattle wagons without food or water. Many died as a result, and the rest had to work in brutal winter conditions for the rest of their lives… But no, the Soviets are the good guys. Sure, I like Gorbachev, and everyone after Stalin was way better, but during WW2 we were the ones who had 100.000 Romanian prisoners sent to Siberia after the 23 august switching of sides.

                    1. I remember reading an article about Romania asking Russia in 1916 and again in 1917 to watch over the gold of the country. The Russians came, took the 90 tons of gold to Moscow, then the Bolshevik revolution happened a year later. In 1944 they’ve conveniently erased the logs about the gold and haven’t given it back yet.

                  2. Don’t forget the mass rapes and execution of millions of innocent women and children both in Soviet lands and during their “glorious fight against fascism”.

                    The executions in Katyn.

                    Waiting in front of Warsaw to let Germans deal with the revolution.

                    Whatever else undocumented things they’ve done.

                2. Basically yes. I don’t contradict the fact that Nazi Germany was the aggressor that started all of WW II (due to political AND outside influences, like the fact that their economy was destroyed after WW I and the german people were desperate) but you can’t deny the numbers. I mean just compare wiki articles, in numbers. The USSR was responsible for some of the greatest atrocities and population reduction in many countries “for the glory of the motherland”. Basically, just as if today you don’t agree with SJW’s you’re a nazi, so it was then. Whoever did not agree with communism or “liberation” by the soviets was a nazi sympathiser and a threat to papa Stalin and was sumarily sent to gulag or executed. Multiply that by millions and you’ll see that by comparing the total number of such events, USSR FAR outweighs germany in war crimes and murders. Basically the war with germany was what the USSR neded in order to conquer western Europe.

              2. You’re a moron and need to learn how to read between the lines.

          1. Tobi, please uninstall, leave the community and start playing with Lego.

      2. “Stealing land from other countries isn’t a good enough reason?”

        Romania certainly has experience in this field 🙂

          1. The Entente played Austro-Hungary like a fiddle after WW I and the consequences can be felt even to this day in Central/Eastern-Europe. You can’t say they did a bad job.

            While the situation is slowly getting better and better as time goes on in my experience, there are still trolls and nationalistic morons in all sides who are trying to mess everything up and want to continue living in hatred. Not even mentioning the politicians who are building their whole campaign on the same hatred.

            1. Sustaining so many minorities wouldn’t be possible for Hungary, but I agree their current borders aren’t completely right compared to the ethnic reality. So there’s that. Referendums make the best borders imo.

              1. Yeah, sooner or later something would have happened if Hungary remained the same, like it did in Yugoslavia. If not by an inside job, some outsider could have easily planted the sparks.

  1. Yes… finally I can remove all the Russia Racists’ star!!!

    R in Russia stands for racist

      1. No… USSR –>; Russia Federation… Inherited the racism…

        Russia look at how much russian bias in a game, you know how racist they are.

      2. correction, Russia isn’t as bad as the Soviet Union was, lets not forget their leader is Putin who’s a former KGB member and supposedly a expert in faking to be a good guy while doing shady things when no one is looking
        while stationed in Germany he would get close to foreign diplomats without them learning who he was in reality
        there’s a famous photo of him (wearing glasses) beside Ronald Reagan in Moscow

        either way let us not forget Ukraine in 2014 and Georgia in 2009 (an actual invasion with civilian deaths)

        1. I have belief that his new constitution plans are good for the future, they will force all Russian power branches to cooperate for the benefit of the nation, and will prevent the rise of a new Putin after he leaves office. I’m pretty scared of Transnistria myself, but they seem to isolate that place even more.

          1. we are still talking about a country where women are arrested for voicing their opinions about their own country, the path is still way too long for Russia

            1. I trust the young can change it to a modern system in the future, Russia always reinvented itself throughout history.

    1. interesting point
      now let’s talk about racial segregation in the US
      will this make you remove the US flag from the tanks? no?

  2. seems like this is just part of creating your own style sheet
    I doubt they’ll let us remove the national emblems on the standard scheme

  3. I’m Irish , i’m not raciist and i believe in equality so i hate everybody the same no matter what countries we come from.

    1. If I were you I would take the british one from their tanks….. Just saying!

  4. Nice change, a lot of the national symbols are aesthetically ugly anyway.

  5. Damn did not expect so much drama in here.

    Change is nice there are quite a few tanks that will look better without or fewer symbols.

  6. It seems that many forget that it is just a game … Applying personal preferences on politics and history is irrelevant … If there are nations in the game it is simply to identify where those vehicles came from … I think it would be best to separate the trees using the same method as Armored Warfare, use dealerships where tanks are separated by style and not by nationality and that is the end of the problem …

  7. first they added the mechanic to change the nationality of some premiums, now they add the mechanic to remove the national emblem, mercenary TT soon (2021)?
    makes sense, no? for example you get the Argentinian Sherman Repotenciado (105mm version) and change its flag with the Belfian flag or something

  8. The comments here are evidence of a strong pro-Russia, revisionist WW2 era…good old Stalin and the “great times during communism”

  9. Introduce North Korea flag in the game, am waiting for that for more than 10 years. I hate imperialist flags, same as i hate soft pseudo fake comunist/oligarch russia decals, the game needs real comunist simbol of the Great Leader Kim of North Korea.
    Long live Kim and his godlike familly

  10. I was just wondering if I can remove the russia star then load a preset style???

    There are so many preset styles that can only use default national emblems.

    This stops me from using them on USSR…

    Just hope it will work tomorrow…

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