Supertest: Ruinberg, Prokhorovka and Cliff Maps Changes – 2nd Iteration

We are planning a second iteration of changes for the maps Prokhorovka, Cliff, and Ruinberg. Check them out let us know what do you think of these changes.



The terrain on the hill is deepened a bit to help vehicles withdraw into cover if they are spotted in the bushes.

The terrain in the swamp area is slightly deepened, which allowed the creation of an area that’s safe from fire from the hill on the alley side.





8.1-8.2 Added a “balcony” for the upper team. It doesn’t provide the same firing position at the green area like 8.2, but it suggests positions where the upper team of players can dig in and fire at the passages to the 8.2 “balcony”.

Some ruins were made lower to provide firing opportunities from a new position.

  1. The mound was slightly lowered and the recess near the mound was removed. It’s still possible to fight hull-down in a low to medium-profiled vehicle, but you can’t hide the vehicle completely.





The vehicle spawn position was moved a bit for both teams to balance the time to drive to key positions.

Houses were moved to form positions to support allies while they drive up to the high ground.

The cliff was decreased in size to balance the time it takes the teams to reach the high ground.

A pocket was developed to counteract enemies that took the high ground.

Compared to the previous test, the height of the hill was decreased and the depression in the ground was made deeper to play from the slope more comfortably.

A small rock near the bushes that had no gameplay significance was removed. The big rock was moved and increased in size, it’s now a cover from the enemies who drive near the water.

For vehicles ascending from both sides, the shape of the cliffs was adjusted to balance the drive time and places of cover.

A position was created for the upper team. They will enter firing positions at the center if they pass behind the lighthouse. The position is similar to the drive “from the water” for the lower team.


10 thoughts on “Supertest: Ruinberg, Prokhorovka and Cliff Maps Changes – 2nd Iteration

  1. At a quick glance most of these changes I think will make the Cliff map even worse simply to force quicker games which is something I hate.

      1. I like the lack of nuance in your comment, as if there can be only a campfest or a speedrun without middle ground. That said, removing arty would improve the flow of the game.

  2. Instead of trying their best to ruin these 3 Maps,WG should just focus on the Maps that are actually bad.
    Cliff and Prokho are good maps that don`t really need any major changes (at least in my Opinion) and Ruinberg might need a small change, but the one thing it certainly does not need are even more Hulldown spots, if anything it needs less…
    WGs fetish for piles of rubble and the likes is getting worse and worse,literally every city in WOT is just a stupid hulldown brawl at this point.

    1. Well unfortunately WG wants matches to be quick because it forces people to lose credits and thus buy premium content. These chages are more about making money than they are about balance.

      Hell if they were about balance they would remove those bunkers from middle road entirely on Ruinberg. Middle road for years has always been a high risk high reward place to go and adding those bunkers effectively removes the risk.

  3. Wargame “balances lol” Maps for WG’s own reasons – it has zero to do with decent gameplay anymore

    Every Map Wargame “fixes” makes gameplay worse ~ Wargame see turbo 1 sided 4 min battles the ideal perfect design feature for its maps now

    which has been WG way with Maps for the last 4 years, before that it was ‘Corridors’ which was Serb’s idea back in 2014 for ””reasons”” (faster battles = €€€€

    1. I have the same question. Many changes looks logical to me. Especially the Prokhorovka changes actually focus a lot of real issue. But everyone seems saying WG ruining this “old good map”

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