Update 1.9.1: Style set “No place like home” Pictures

A set supporting the global Stay at Home campaign, probably to be won in some event. The style is treated as a non-historical, valued at 750 gold. Available for vehicles of all nationalities and tiers.

The inscription varies depending on the server.



5 thoughts on “Update 1.9.1: Style set “No place like home” Pictures

  1. They are trying to profit on a global pandemic? Disgusting, like Gayjin with their toilet roll decal.

    1. I doubt they will sell it for gold. Although, to be fair – with Wargaming, you never know.

    2. Considering most MMO’s I’ve played of late have had medic themed skins to honor doctors and nurses on the front, or stay at home skins etc… for free. I doubt WG would to that and get pointed out instantly. I suspect it’s for a simple mission.

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