8 thoughts on “WoT – How To Play the ISU-152K: A Guide to the New Soviet TD

  1. How to play ISU

    point big stick at red tank
    fire, also hope Boris the Gunner is sober (if he’s not, you’ll only hit snapshots)
    watch half red tank disappear because lol 750 alpha 286 pen in Tier 8
    repeat from step 1

    Also, inb4 marathon

  2. uhhh how to play it: DONT
    get a WZ or Su122 and be 2x as fast and bouncier AND have plenty of pen/boom dps.

  3. more Premium Tank bullshit video from WG a new premium T8 TD with a big gun like wow!
    in todays new French wheeled LT meta a big slow TD it is just f__king stupid to drive this thing

    but ….
    agreed very likely get 4 maybe 5 good shots off for 3k ~ 4k damage damage will be a real blast in those ‘lucky got a good team battles’ every other day

    like to see how much big credits it makes when the ‘stars are aligned with Stalin’ in those few good huge damage games

  4. The SU-152 tech tree version looks so much better and the gun handling on that is pretty terrible… Not paying money for something that I can get in the tech tree better.

  5. I see how it is WG, so you remove the BL-10 from it before cause it was too OP and now you are bringing it back as a premium, you got some balls to do that. Now every time I see one on the enemy team I am gonna hate on it.

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