5 thoughts on “Object 780 In-game Pictures

  1. The shape and angles are insane… Tier 10 is becomin overal more and more crap to play :/

  2. Auto bounce lower plate and upper plate against ap and apcr, and super hard to pen with heat… looks like tier 11 material

  3. What is the point in flooding Tier X with tank designs from the 60s? Of course they are superior to designs such as the E100 that date back to the 40’s. Sure, they are historical and players want to see new tanks and all, but this crap is fucking up the balance of the game.

    The truth is probably that Wargaming are well aware of that as well and they are just not giving a damn. I have seen a Q&A the other day with a new dev; when asked if there would be a nerf for the 430U has answered something to the effect that – no, and that is not really a problem, there will always be some tanks that are stronger than the others, so why bother in the first place. In other words, clan players can have their OP reward tanks, regular players can play the handful overpowered tech tree tanks such as the Super Conq and the 430U, and all others can go f— themselves. Hell, by that logic they could even buff these even more, because why not. After all, who cares about tanks such as the PzKpfw VII or the 113 anyway.

    Personally I think this is a shitty attitude. Perhaps Wargaming should ask themselves some serious questions why Tier X battles have become so unattractive and why Ranked Battles has never really taken off with the majoriy of the player base.

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