WoT 1.9.1 – Berlin Map: More Pictures

Minimap modes, large minimap and loading screen.

• Available battle types: Standard battle, Encounter battle.
• For tanks of IV – X tiers.
• Size: 1050×1050 meters.

Source: wotclue

4 thoughts on “WoT 1.9.1 – Berlin Map: More Pictures

  1. Thank god for a new Map in World of Premium Tanks at the moment any New Map is most welcome

    But yeah JUST what we need another shity City Map full of brawling corridors & artificial death zones
    after all the last City shit Map Minsk is really good, right?????

  2. Here is hoping this map provides enough individual engagement zones to create dynamic gameplay.
    And please don’t have big open no-go-killzones and hulldown cover on every significant corner. In other words: Please don’t be a Minsk clone.

  3. I’d like to see adding more of their removed maps, they had some really good ones that could be brought back. All the maps should be at least 1kX1k, if they aren’t they shouldn’t be played above tier 5 or 6. But even 1kX1k maps can be too small for upper tiers. They did the modeling for the areas outside the play area, there is no reason they can’t extend the play areas.

    Maybe they could do maps the size of FL maps, use a dynamic sizing of play area that adjusts the play area based on the top tier for the match, and even make the play area random play sections of the maps?

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