Wargaming appoints David Smit as new creative director


World of Tanks developer Wargaming has hired David Smit as its new creative director.

The move was announced by Smit on his personal LinkedIn profile. No further details were provided.

Smit’s previous roles include creative director of Happy Tuesday, the developer behind mobile free-to-play title Hero Defense. He was also formerly an art director at King, and has worked with Crytek, Bigpoint, Guerilla Games, and more.

TAP note: he is a good guy, since Crytek = Crysis. Other firms he worked at have very good games too.

Tanks for the memories

Wargaming recently announced its first battle pass for mobile title World of Tanks Blitz. This first pass will run from May 1st until May 29th.

World of Tanks Blitz also held an event in April 2020 in which players could win a piece of the Moon. The event also introduced zero-gravity effects to the game for a brief period.

12 thoughts on “Wargaming appoints David Smit as new creative director

  1. As long as he knows what he’s doing and is not the next Murazor or Slava Makarov, he’s more than welcome.

    1. Vyasheslav (is “Slava” a nickname) only “Makaroved” the game by doing nothing and passively monitoring what everyone was already doing.

      Murazor destroyed the game for LT fans completely. If he can revert that, good. Anything that isn’t Murazor and can be a cut above him, has my vote.

      1. Murazor?….what that the guy who criticized WG so they shut him up by hiring him?….or was that Meathead militia?

        1. Yeah, Murazor’s the guy. I can’t for the life of me think why WG didn’t make him a community manager or some other job not directly related to the game itself so he wouldn’t be in a place to affect the balancing and development of the actual game.

      2. From what little I know Murazor was and still is a retarded troll. He’s the guy we have to “thank” for abortions like the newer German superheavies (VK 100 anyone), because for him “a heavy tank should not be penetrated from the front” or some BS like that. I also heard the man himself is an avid HT player so whatever he did while heading balancing was completely biased, but I don’t want to circulate rumors so if this is not correct please tell me so.

  2. Did he replaced “a” WoT creative director? Or has he been hired as an additional asset for WG?
    It is not really clear, I reckon it is the latter?

  3. “mobile free-to-play title Hero Defense”


    How come WG is so frequently changing people in higher positions?

    “TAP note: he is a good guy, since Crytek = Crysis. Other firms he worked at have very good games too.”

    It’s meaningless what games were made there and it doesn’t make him a good guy automatically as he was an ART DIRECTOR not a CREATIVE DIRECTOR.

    1. By the descriptions the crew and equipment rework look suspiciously like the system implemented in the Pay to Win little brother, WoT Blitz. So the effects could be felt sooner than expected.

  4. Hold the phones!? Looks as though David Smit is German!! Surely this can’t be right!? Tiger II overhaul incoming!

    1. It’s actually been coming for a while now. WG have planned to give it a bit more armor, 360 alpha and better DPM so good stuff overall. Apparently no buff for the 40mm overmatchable roof though. No idea when/if it’s going to go live and I find it unlikely that a creative director would influence that decision.

  5. He is very skilled at games milking micro-transactions, this is not a good development despite what some people claim. It will only make balancing worse and milking more intense.

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