Road to Berlin – Known Issues

Source: EU Support

Due to the complex game mechanics, issues emerged during the later stages of the mode’s development. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to fix these issues before launch.

We are aware of these issues and our development team is making every effort to resolve them.

  1. Players with low-spec CPUs and graphics cards may experience some visual glitches and stability issues when running the mode. You may also encounter unexpected performance issues such as black screens, black texture glitches, and game client crashes when playing Road to Berlin.
  2. In some cases, if you are in a Platoon, after purchasing a special bundle and levelling up your Units to Level III, you may enter the next battle still at Unit Level I. There are two ways to fix this issue:
    1. Click the “Not Ready” button, then the “Ready!” button.
    2. Quit the platoon and create it again.
  3. Sometimes, after reconnecting to the battle (for example, after using the ALT + F4 key combination or a computer crash), the red aiming zone of an enemy Artillery Strike may not be displayed correctly on the terrain surface.
  4. In rare cases, after using some Combat Boosts, the green aiming zone may remain on the terrain surface. To remove the aiming camera and return to normal view mode, press the ESC key or activate another Combat Boost.
  5. Various minor replay issues are possible. Some UI elements may disappear when running Road to Berlin replays. You may also encounter performance and stability issues when working with replays.
  6. Sometimes, when a vehicle is on an inclined surface, the visual radius of Combat Boost effect may be slightly greater than the radius of its actual application. To resolve this issue, change your position on the battlefield and move to a flat surface.
  7. Minor Garage UI glitches when selling the IS-2 with spaced armor and then re-purchasing it is possible. To avoid these glitches, just re-log into the game.
  8. Various minor technical issues with localization are also possible.

14 thoughts on “Road to Berlin – Known Issues

    1. Naah, that´s a feature.
      Bots drown themselves to help out a sruggling team.
      Either that or the AI was made by using data from low tier players in random battles…

  1. FYI, QB has already completed all levels. Is there more for him??????

  2. Are they aware of the issue where 90% of the time the game ends when you have 4 respawns left and only 1 ennemy remains because some ape decided that they had to put a timer to the damned event ?

    Or the issue where at tier 2 you have every artillery focusing a single player, each arty able to remove a litteral third of the player’s hp with a better shell arc than the CGC and better accuracy than a swedush TD with less than 20s reload time ?

    Oh no that’s not an issue that’s a feature. Because clearly that’s all this gamemode needed: time limits when you’re barely able to pen the ennemies you’re facing, where you have half their dpm and are outnumbered 10-1, where arty is more broken than ever and where the ennemies have the best accuracy and pen in the entire game.

  3. Wargame always have a few ‘teething problems’ with every ‘event’ they launch
    nothing new here

    what is Surprising though is that every year this occurs and Wargame still launch these
    ‘bugged glitched’ events as if its all normal

    makes you wonder if the WG middle/ top dev/ game managers are aware of this?

    of course not we all know they never play there own game WOT its beneath them almost

    1. Oh they are aware. As most games push out things due to higher ups, vs the team that made it thinking it’s ready or stable for launch. But here events are more or less testing grounds few new stuff. And are expected to go wrong in some way, as events are seen as a CT stage tbh to find issues that might arise. WWI event was to test wheels, Halloween was for multi turrets, Homefront for AI and mines, god knows what they are testing now. Thus I suspect the managers you speak of are the one rushing it out the door. As it’s only happened once that an event was delayed due to it not being ready. Would not be ideal this time, as it’s an event planned to celebrate a date. Thus I suspect any delay for not being ready would be unacceptable.

  4. Not had any issues mentioned above so far. Tho I had a few losses since the AI did not want to go into our area, and stayed safe in his red zone with targets left to kill as the timer went out. All Tigers, as they seem to have path finding issues on Ruinberg on stage 4 starting South at times.

  5. This mode is dogturd tbh.

    Hats of to WG for managing to make it less fun than Homefronts!

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