WG Paypal Issues – Stolen Money

Several PayPal users have reported money from their accounts stolen and sent to Wargaming Group Limited. The funniest part is that the money cannot be refunded.

Source link with more complaints: https://www.paypal-community.com/t5/Disputes-and-Limitations/Unauthorized-payment-to-Wargaming-Group-Limited/td-p/1684523

„I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post this here, but I woke up to find that all my Paypal money has been sent to Wargaming Group Limited (about 700$ in total):

I’ve never even heard of this Company, nor have I ever played their games. I rarely use Paypal, and I haven’t bought anything with it since October. What is going on here? I reported the transactions, but I’m not sure what else I need to do. That was like a 2-months worth of salary just gone from my paypal account (salary is low where I’m from).”

„Please help me, i have same problem Unauthorized payment to Wargaming Group Limited lost above 900 USD, i tried to contact all paypal supports hot lines, but they’re not working, even i have money on hold and they’re too got withdraw to that company, i have bills to pay and stuck here”

12 thoughts on “WG Paypal Issues – Stolen Money

    1. Christmas Loot boxes on the 27th of april lol.
      But in all honesty Paypals whole dispute system is pure rubbish . It’s like playing WOT with 50% RNG while trying to make a farm animal understand what you’re problem is.

      1. Well paypal deals with global transactions and is subject to the laws and regulations of other countries. Its easy to talk shit about this but I feel like we are only getting half the story right now.

        I mean we all know that quite a few people get drunk as fuck and play tanks. I’ve even known a few people who made drunk purchases and I feel like this might be one of those situations. Its just that the “victim” in this case is too embarrassed to admit their drunken fuckup and concocted this story. Now you might be saying “but there is multiple people” but I don’t see any evidence beyond this transaction history from one person.

  1. I find it funny that people that commented on that link think WG stole it from them, vs checking if their account has been compromised.

    Then again, they can do a forced drawback as some did a few years ago when they left WOT. Downside is that you will get banned until WG get their money back. Upside is if you never played WOT like they have, they are not the one getting banned.

  2. Contact your bank and or Credit card company and have them rescind the payment.

  3. Any decent company, would have returned the money. I wasn’t hacked, but during a transaction on the EA site, their store crashed. Money were taken (paypal receipt and bank confirmed that) and games weren’t delivered. Support was initially useless, until i’ve opened a dispute. EA advanced support got involved, they’ve checked my documents from paypal and the bank, discovered that the money were in their account, offered a refund or to add my purchases in the account. I took the option number 2 and for my troubles i’ve got upgraded editions of the games i’ve intended to buy and a 20 euro coupon (my trransaction value was 30 euro).

    So if a company like EA can own it, i can’t understand why WG doesn’t.

    And yeah, if the dispute fails, you can make a claim or charge back through the bank.

    1. They can do pay you back but the purched goods cant be used like you will but 5500 gold you use it up and then aske wg tpo give back yorumoney that doenst work i have gotten my money back from wg from a pursches that i did i dindt use anything of the bundel and they easliy did it .

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