Road to Berlin: four locations

You will fight AI opponents in the following four locations, specially redesigned for the map event from Random Battles. Initially, only the first three maps will be available in this mode. Berlin, a new special location, will be available at night (22:01 UTC) on May 8 to commemorate the time when the official end of the war in Europe took place. From this moment on the Berlin map will be permanently available.

Kvelburg (redesigned Ruinberg map)

Odra (redesigned Normandy map from the Frontline mode)

West Wall (redesigned Siegfried Line map)

Berlin (new map to be introduced for random battles later)

3 thoughts on “Road to Berlin: four locations

  1. Why do all Wargame recent Maps look so awful and yet again so predictable with corridors?

    its just one goddam endless Corridor brawl City Map after another – Berlin I know is ‘hybrid’ part city part whatever that is WG thinks is ok (after big Vodka binge no doubt

    Soon we will have enough brawl corridor HT press W key so as that EVERY map on the Map servers can dish out City after City Maps

    great news for Heavy Tanks pressing W key hard
    but not good for the other Tank classes

    just saying .. if you like Lights & Mediums & TD’s well go ‘Fork yourself’ I guess

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