WoT: Frontline Issue

Wheeled vehicles and light tanks break Frontline, farming points. Recently, many players are starting to experience this issue.

The issue is very simple, the wheelers and some LTs in Frontline use non-reachable areas at the capture points to challenge the capture itself and thereby also farm rank points. For example, point C on Kraftwerk and point E on the Normandy summer map. It’s very difficult to knock out tanks in such places, i.e. only artillery can destroy the vehicle from above.

13 thoughts on “WoT: Frontline Issue

  1. Well it works both ways. Run into the cap with an engineer tool. And farm block points. Only seen it once. It gave me 2 free ranks just blocking it before he self destroyed.

  2. and A on Kraftwerk???…..3 light tanks rush in at start…hug walls…..kill your light if he dare to go challenge them and the cap is done before heavy tanks even get in position

  3. I’m curious to see if other streamers think alike.

    They are the number one sponsor of horde mentality. First artillery, then climbs and now LTs in general. Pathetic.

    Then again, if that’s what others believe in then you side with then. Gives you more reach.
    Streamers lack an opinion of their own and they just pander to the largest crowd. Just like WG.

  4. It is quite nice on the inside. Normally I would not resort to such tactics. Sadly, completely removing climbing and more has forced my hand 🤷‍♂️. You cant patch everything.
    TL, co-founder of GLITCH-X

  5. Done it many times. It’s nice and warm inside of that building. When WG removed climbing, it made me resort to game breaking glitches. Co-founder of GLITCH-X

    1. Wargaming themselves make WoT a hard enough game to enjoy, sometimes so why go and ruin things for other players deliberately through bullshit ‘glitching’?

      Fingers crossed there’s a nice warm ban to reward you for your efforts! Enjoy!

  6. Wheeled vehicles are fucking overpowered now. Shoot them with Skorpion G and nothing happens.
    FFS it is obvious.

  7. Wargaming themselves make World of Tanks hard enough to enjoy, sometimes. Why therefore do you feel the need to ruin things further for other players?

    Oh, you’re selfish and entitled bell-ends.

    Fingers crossed that a warm ban is headed your way!

  8. It’s not selfish towards my team, because we have an instant win! Also it’s not a hard game to enjoy, sounds like you’re just not an experienced enough player. It’s only ruining the fun for the opposite team because they are not able to get more time in a battle, which means that my team wins! Not selfish if it helps the team lol

    1. We agree that you’re selfish then? Good.

      Some poorly designed maps, poorly designed classes and OP premium spam.

      Wargaming are hardly perfect, as your sad glitching goes to prove.

      Congratulations on being TFG!

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