World of Tanks NA Q&A – 25 April 2020 with Andrey Biletskiy and Maksim Chuvalov

A collection of the most important info from an NA server Q&A done on the 24th of April. Transcription from here:

Wheeled vehicles will be rebalanced – we’ll start from increasing the effectiveness of destroying wheels, and if that won’t help, we’ll increase terrain resistance. If that fails, we’ll focus on debuffing other aspects.

Fire mechanics – does a fire go out faster if a tank is stationary? No, a fire doesn’t change depending on such parameters as movement. Maybe it was so at the beginning. A wiki error.

Game balance – why does rebalancing OP tanks take so long? Sometimes it takes a quarter of a year, or two. A timespan of 3-6 months is too short, because if we do something haphazardly, it might need another change. We check how the WR changes depending on the player, e.g. if 50% of the players have a 48%-52% WR then the tank is fine. If 50% of the players have a 65% WR on a new machine then it’s probably overdone.

New collector tanks – there are a lot of ideas, but there are a lot of more important things to do. We need to think about the criteria of adding them, and then unlocking by the player, such tanks as Argentinian ones, or Hungarian ones. Last year there was the idea of an international tree, but thanks to the “Collector tanks” tab, there are now new ways to realize such an idea, and many similar ones.

Sandbox tests and shell changes – there’s a lot of them, and it’s complicated, thus, it was decided to cut them into parts and implement in stages, with new patches, previewed with Sandbox tests. Shell changes were rated very high, however HE and arty changes weren’t that popular. At this moment we don’t want to change one without the other. They have to be done at the same time. We rolled back the changes, and we’re planning to integrate big changes to shells in the future.

Speed, normalization, and RNG changes for shells – we don’t plan to change those values now. We want for each type of shell to have its purpose, and not complicate it further by making parameter changes.

Constantly playing on the same map – we didn’t change anything, besides making sure people won’t see the same map in the span of seven battles. Almost all complaints disappeared regarding map repeating.

Why do premium shells cost more – the way in which we determined the cost is realistic DPM, the chance of doing damage times the damage value. Special rounds have a higher effective DPM, thus the higher cost. One of our tasks is adjust future prices, because the amount of standard damage will be higher.

The Leopard 1 and STB-1 changes were well received. Changes in E-50M, AMX 30B, T-62A? What about an Object 430U? We do plan to find them a niche. The sandbox tests for the E-50M should start this year, definitely. The 121 is in a harder spot, and we’ll think about a place for it. Maybe a higher DPM than the 430U?

Better changes for the T110E5, so it won’t be behind the Super Conq in almost all ways? The information will be passed on higher. We don’t have enough info on the E5, but we’d like to change the current play style. Removing the “tumor”? Not possible, since that’s how the tank looked.

Chieftain and Obj 279e changes so they won’t impact the gameplay as much as other tanks? MM changes give the possibility to exclude Rank Battle tanks, or to put them in teams symmetrically. We don’t want to anger players who took their time and put a lot of effort in getting them.

Ranked Battles and Clan Wars – maybe it would be a good idea to impose limitations on provinces, tiers, or countries? The long-term plan regarding the evolution of CW is handled by a separate team. This is an interesting idea.

CW in 7 vs 7 or 9 vs 9 format? We have another idea for CW, but we want to include smaller clans in the global map. Maybe shift it towards Crusader Kings, adding politics and more depth.

T-34-85M – maybe antenna physics or some interactive parts on tanks? We like to test new functionality on a smaller scale, before we implement them globally. We are working to implement those. The flag on the T-34-85M is just a test.

Are Minsk changes coming? Yes, we are ready for changes. It passed tests, but we still have problems with historical elements, which we’ll try to resolve first. Pearl River will come soon.

Slippery rocks – any updates? Yes, we are trying to fix this using the Havoc engine, but it has a lower resolution than our own physics engine, thus we are actively trying to improve it. Before 1.0 we didn’t model rocks individually, but now we do, which is the cause of the problems.

Redoing maps like Ensk or Mines so they work well on higher tiers? Old map restoration plans? It’s hard to imagine another Ensk or Mines. This is not an easy task, and now we’re focusing on restoring maps, afterwards we will either make new maps, or remake and restore others. Berlin and Pearl River will appear this year. The Steel Hunter mode will get a new map too. More plans regarding maps are left for 2021.

Plans to add more sounds to tanks, engines etc.? Yes, there are plans. Nothing much for now, but the sound designers are planning on improving the sound engine which was added in version 1.0.

The Battle Hits mod added to the game, or an armor viewer? Mods are not as stable as our client, and they use a lot of shortcuts. Some mods are hard to implement. We are working on adding some mods, and it probably will be Battle Hits. Maybe armor viewing too, but that’s for 2021. This is our 3rd attempt at this topic. So far we found problems, which caused our client to know more than it ought to, which would enable making better bots and cheat mods. We have to implement it in a way which won’t cause problems.

Include all mods? Why can’t you just buy them from the creators? We want to make them from scratch, as to make them more stable and work better, before they’re implemented into the client, and work on all supported systems. It’s about bug testing and security.

Plans to add LatAm tanks or from other countries with less tanks? Yes, as collector tanks which for new nations that don’t fit any tree. Three nations this year. The rest iss a secret, also Japanese TDs not now.

Any plans on expanding Twitch Prime? Yes, there are plans to add more packs, but only after we finish talks with Twitch.

Ten years anniversary event. We plan something really special in August, but we won’t spoil anything. Cosmetics, camos and additional gadgets later for now, and much much more later.

How was the anonymyzer received? We are very satisfied with its implementation, streamers love it.

Battle Pass – is there a chance that in future editions players will be able to progress using different game mode besides the usual 15v15s?

Most games with Battle Passes don’t have premium accounts or any form of subscription. Did WG think about integrating their Battle Pass with WoT premium? It’s not easy to implement, but we will try to add different paths to progress through other modes. Not in modes with special tanks, but in modes like Grand Battle etc.

The price – we’re thinking about expanding the event and adding other purchase options. We will see how that ends up. Battle Pass 2 will be the same but with small fixes. Battle Pass 3 will have more improvements, and in 2021 there will be more substantial improvements than in this year.

Adding the ability fo rent premium tanks for credits? Maybe changing normal tanks into prems? Xmas 2019 allowed people to add bonuses to tanks, and in reality, it was a test of such a function. The community didn’t react as well as we did, so the priority isn’t that big, but we are thinking about premium conversion. Try before you buy? We have that option in Frontline, where you can rent a tank and buy it later with a discount. We want to add the option to try a tank before laying down any money.

News about Italian heavies? Not yet.

A lot of players are disoriented with the changes in the crew system, which are going to be tested in the Sandbox at the end of the year. Can you give us more info about how commanders, units, and mentors/special units work? We explained the mechanics during another stream. We want an overhauled perk tree, and one commander per tank. We also want this commander to be able to be able to handle more tanks without relearning. A mentor will be someone unique, like Santa Claus (or someone like George Patton). These mentors will have special points for specific skills, so you won’t have to train some of them. There will be a lot of builds for the same commander, and easy to swap, so you’ll be able to adjust a tank to your play style. We abandoned the idea of units, as it was too complicated.

How will we transition into Crew 2.0? We will make sure the transition is smooth, everyone is compensated, and satisfied.

Fun fact regarding crews – only slightly above 1000 people have 11-perk crews. Congrats.

Any word on the third set of missions and campaign? Not quite now. No plans.

Will we see some changes to arty? No changes before the next Sandbox. They will be implemented in the round after that so players can test changed arty before the planned implementation.

48 thoughts on “World of Tanks NA Q&A – 25 April 2020 with Andrey Biletskiy and Maksim Chuvalov

  1. A new Q&A? Feels like it has been years since the last one.

    “Balancing of the game. Why does it take so long to rebalance overperforming tanks?

    Takes sometimes 1 to 2 quarters. Group of earlier adopters that over perform in new tanks. 3-6 months is bad idea to change things that fast since if we move too fast it might need changed again.”

    Yeah, that’s why the Object 279e was buffed two weeks after release.

    “Players that get them take a ton of effort to get them. We don’t want to piss people that earned them off. Don’t want to start by nerfing them without possibly nerfing + buffing them to rebalance. No on a straight out nerf.”

    Pissing off players who have to deal them is okay, but nerfing them is a big no. Okay…

    “Matchmaking changes up to possibly banning tanks from ranked battles that are reward tanks or to mirror them in matchmaking.”

    So random and CW players can go frick themselves right?

    1. You are knocking on the wrong door buddy. I wasn’t the one who posted this article. I’m just a regular commenter here.

  2. wow, they finally thinking to nerf wheeled tanks…. it was about goddamn time!

    1. and it is a good thing this nerfs on wheeled lights, because they are cancer for wot. i hate them almost as i hate arty 😀

        1. No, they aren’t. I would not call them cancer because I think that is a horrible phrase, but wheeled tanks are toxic for the game. The whole concept is immature and unfit for the overall gameplay.

            1. Not really. It’s not only about wheeled tanks being stronger than other light tanks, but also about the light tank class as a whole messing up the meta these days- just look at Frontlines. Your fix would make things only worse.

              1. Light tanks need to have their pre 9.17 stats back, along with each and every gun that was removed and the problem of LTs is solved.

                LTs aren’t “messing” with any meta. The meta now is HTs and Tank Destroyers, which are far more toxic:

                Bad players jump in HTs because they fail at other classes, so they play one that does half the work for them (corridor maps + strong armour/High HP, etc) so they complain about clickers.

                TDs? 5-7 per match in each side = protracted battles where nobody moves under the penalty of having 750HP removed and being unable to even see who shot it, (eg, same as arty, where indirect fire is replaced by 250mm+ of pen)

                LTs as a class are dead. They shine in Frontline because the map is big enough to let them use their speed. But apart from premiums, most of them are useless. Even the Lynx WV is nothing special.

      1. You’ve never played them, they are tons of fun and their combat capabilities are quite crap, any tank hits you with an act shell, they are balanced

  3. “121 is in a very hard spot, and we want to improve it in some way. Similar to Obj 430U. 121 trying to find a spot for it.

    121 is a problem tank needing help – official answer. Higher DPM than 430U maybe?”

    so 121 gets imbecile turret without weakpoints ???
    NOT this needs to be changed idiot WG !!! 430 fkin U NEED A NERF !! ESPECIALLY ON ARMOR !

    1. You need to 430U get nerfed to be able to pen it? 😀 arent you some 800 wn8 player? 😀

      1. arent you some p2w lover who like gold spam instead of PROPER WEAKPOINTS??
        and miserable balance instead of fair gameplay??

        yes, it needs NERFS !
        Or if you can show its weakpoints for STANDARD ammo, anything except LFP, im ok.

    2. I loved the 121 back when the 3 RUS meds were basically the same, it was unique and fun to play. Easy fix for the 121: leave the gun alone other than buffing aim time (to 2.17?), add maybe 5 more shells, buff the turret armor up to 270/170/60, and maybe make front hull armor 130. That would put the 121 between the T62A/140 and the 430U (other than resistance levels, traverse, etc) and make the 121 more playable.

  4. “Players that get them take a ton of effort to get them. We don’t want to piss people that earned them off. Don’t want to start by nerfing them without possibly nerfing + buffing them to rebalance. No on a straight out nerf.”

    And sure ! Thats you fkin BUFFED that imbecile 279 2 weeks after release, right ?!?
    such a MISERY again !

  5. again big stupidity,atleast they finally managed to understand that EBR is broken and OP…

  6. Also “For example a 50% player has a 48%-52% WR in a new tank then its okay. If a 50% player has a 65% WR in a new tank then it’s probably broken.” Great job WG

    1. Yea, who really crapped up with that, for some reason I have 60 percent win ratio on panther 88, thats why the panther 88needs to be nerfed. It needs to be buffed WG

      1. Yes, it does. It’s not gonna happen, though, because there are too many players out there who desperately need to play overpowered tanks to brush up their egos.

  7. I see both sides of obj430U debate; at least it’s a techtree tank than anyone can get hold of fairly easily – unlike the Chieftain or Obj279.

    1. Exact, this is the point… when there are trash like 907, chief, 279, why not 430U regularly in tech tree, for everyone?

      1. because MISERY is to be throw at the junk pit not to make more of it !

        if you have some imbecile tanks outside of techtree means that you must spit on game and make it worse by adding that kind of MISERY in techtree too, instead of fixing by nerf the problematic ones ???

        if you have some disease at your hand, means you should harm yourself and cut a leg just to regain some “balance” ?? Not fixing that sick hand??

        great logic !

        1. But they never fix the reward tanks, NEVER… 430U is not a misery, it has low DPM, some throwbacks in gun handlin too… it has weakspots, like the cupolas are… i know they are small, but they are there… it must be in tech tree somethin to counter the cancer reward tanks, like Superconq or 430U….

          1. drawbacks in gunhandling too??
            weakpoints on cupolas wiht fkin 300 MM OF THICKNESS ??!?!
            did you even visited to see armor and stats??? -,-

            take a break dude…

  8. Please remove this content from your website as you blatantly used it without receiving permission. You literally copied and pasted, word for word, from a written transcript that I spent hours compiling from a Q & A that I participated in myself!

    I did not give you permission to share it even with the laughable tiny “source” credit link at the bottom.

      1. Thank you for confirming that you knowingly copied and used my content without my permission. I did not provide permission for you to use it and request for you to take it down. If you chose to create your own transcript of the stream with your own writing please go ahead as that would not be copying my work and content that I spent creating.

        1. Alright, will do so, expect it up in a few hours (under 10), It’s late here in Europe.

    1. Don’t make me play the hard game. Will provide my own transcription of the stream if you complain with getting credited.

      1. I am asking that you remove my content from your website. If you want to provide your own transcription of the stream please take the time to do so. I did not give you permission to copy my credit. The “credit” is hardly so and not the issue at hand.

  9. Good to see wheelies getting nerfed although I still think they need to totally rethink them.

    And I still really don’t like the sound of the crew rework.

  10. “Removing the “tumor”? Not possible, since that’s how the tank looked.”

    LOL – the T110E5 never actually existed. WG could make it look however they wanted (especially since many real US tanks had their cupolas reduced in size in real life). And if they really wanted realism, all of the iterations of the T110 tank were supposed to have a 120mm gun.

    1. not possible sure….JUST HOW WAS POT POSSIBLE TO PATTON MODEL ! right?!

    2. here is the solution:

      this model (based on historical designs) is perfect and beautiful, but wg has no interest on fix this simple problem,

      T110E3 statistically are fine, but the model need to be revised, frontal hull must be wedge-shaped, track rolls (same as Patton and M103), casemate height (lower) and gun need change to 120mm M58!

      T110E4 is simple ridiculous, change it with T58 heavy tank!!

    3. If they don’t change the tumor on the E5, the tank will still be useless. They just don’t get it. Because they don’t play the game their working on…

  11. All I see here is mostly “we need more time/info/vodka” and few concrete answers, this is quite the frustrating read.

    The “if 50% players have 65% winrate then that’s a problem” part is laughable by the way. Average winrate for Object 279(e) is 62/63% iirc, these muppets are just afraid to get yelled at by a few keyboard warriors, and to admit that the tank is a balancing disaster.

    The E5 excuse is also empty words, afaik the Patton M48 had the same problem and the commander hatch got removed, and that’s on a tank that not only existed (and still exists) but served in actual combat (e.g. Vietnam). The E5 is what, a project on a piece of paper and maybe a mockup model?

  12. If this site is going to copy information, almost word for word, from the real author at least have the decency to post that this information was obtained from Cody Menzs’, a NA CC, web site WOT Guru. The NA CC who was actually in the interview and documented the responses from WG. This is nothing but plagiarism at it’s worst. Please go to the authors site to read the original information.

    1. He did not want to be credited, see the comments above. I provided a link in the original article in the first post iteration. This is my transcript, not his.

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