WoT 1.9: Third Public Test

You can now update the 1.9 public update test. Servers should start tonight.

Installation available only via the Wargaming Game Center.

10 thoughts on “WoT 1.9: Third Public Test

  1. Great, so will they finally have re-balanced the lower tier tanks that were moved up to a higher tier, or are they still “strategically” forgetting to address them?

    I do wonder…

    1. They don’t care about low tier balance. They are pushing people towards the high tiers so players are forced to buy premium account or tanks.

      1. Indeed! If they don’t make changes then this becomes overwhelmingly obvious.
        And I’ll openly call them out for being hypocrites, claiming to create a better new players experience…while doing the exact opposite because.

        I will reserve my final chosen words, that will probably get me banned here (sry Seb!) and on the forums…for the first time ever.

  2. What is the expected release date for this again? I want my free researched Jagdtiger and T69

    Also to see the German tanks have bigger guns… and the cleaner tech tree… and less cancer low tiers fights… What is the tog health being boosted to? 1560 or something? this update will be a serious nerf to the tog

    1. to fix the tog it needs 2000 total hp and a top speed of 20 kph

    2. According to the secret Russian ARG in patch it will be released next week

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