Update 1.9: Common Test 3 Patchnotes

CT 3 Patchnotes

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed the issue when an incorrect vehicle model of a respawned ally inside the view range of a player who restarted the game client could be displayed in Frontline.
  • Fixed the issue when the statistics screen was not updated for a player who flew to another front while watching an ally in Free Camera mode in Frontline.
  • Fixed the issue in Frontline when the respawn button was displayed as active even if the player had no available vehicles only for respawning to take place automatically after 90 seconds.
  • Fixed the issue when the main drive sprocket of the Object 277 would dirty less intensively than the bearing and idle rollers.
  • Fixed some technical issues.

2 thoughts on “Update 1.9: Common Test 3 Patchnotes

  1. So no gun changes? Then I suspect the new tier 5 lights will have 60 pen. As Circon said. They will be an interesting 3 MOE with a tier 3 gun.

    1. Indeed, and the super fast Crusader light tank going at 50 kph ! (I think, it’s now 44 kph as a medium)
      Meanwhile, the fastest medium at the ame tier is going at 64 kph…
      I mean, the T21 has a maximum speed of 57 kph. It’s still a great tank, but everybody agree that it’s slow for a light and taht you must think ahead more than other light tank, or you’re dead.
      And 57 is A LOT higher than 50…

      Here’s my idea of WG way of thinking for the Crusader : iT sTilL hAs a hIgH DPM, so its oK I guEss… aNd it’S briTisH…

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