7 thoughts on “ISU-152K Finished Model Pictures

  1. from what I could find it was built using components from the T-10/IS-8 production, which was a HT designed with similar mobility to the 1960’s MBTs that would be produced after it (latest Centurions and M60), all with 40+ k.p.h top speed, so yeah, compared to the standard ISU-152 it should be a “speedster”

  2. Interesting… but we are talking straight line here 🙂 Also i was kinda kidding.
    And despite the alpha and perhaps a decent DPM, i think tanks like Su130 and Scorp are way more agile and useful overall.

  3. Yeah but we are talking about the BL10 gun which can pen most tanks quite easily and never requires you to use gold.

    1. Yeap, standard alpha damage to 520(+30), and special round to 600(+30)
      Penetrations to 245/205/75 (+30)/(+18)/(+10)
      slight sub hundred increase to DPM too

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