Upcoming Twitch Prime Package

A small sneak peek of the April Twitch package. The new Twitch Prime set will have 2 vehicles for rental: British Senlac and German Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger, enriched with x5 xp missions, commemorative emblems and decals (without an unique Commander).

Its distribution will start on April 9.

Thanks to Rykoszet for the pic.

10 thoughts on “Upcoming Twitch Prime Package

  1. Typical…I just bought the Senlac….Not to mention the Tog II, Now there giving it away in the Tank Rewards

  2. Pretty sure they announced three Battle Pass-themed packages, of which this would be the second one.

  3. no commander no style . time to cancel my twitch prime. they only doing this so they don’t have to give out the King Tiger C for people who have earned it. So sick of wargamings greed.

  4. Canceling Twitch Prime because they see it as no longer worth the cost isn’t exactly crying and has absolutely nothing to do with whether they uninstalling WOT… unless Twitch Prime is now a requirement to play WOT
    (oops, better not give WG any ideas).

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