WoT: Tank Rewards: Egg Hunt Starting Tomorrow (EU)

UPDATE: It seems it will be a choice between SU-100Y, Type 64 and TOG 2.

The new April edition of Tank Rewards will start tomorrow, April 1 and will last until April 28.

Put your opponents in the Easter basket thanks to Tank Rewards! Play battles, earn Tank Rewards tokens and exchange them for a colorful collection of sweet rewards.

8 thoughts on “WoT: Tank Rewards: Egg Hunt Starting Tomorrow (EU)

  1. There is SU-100Y on the photo on the tankrewards. Unless it’s a stupid joke, this months tank is SU-100Y.

  2. Somewhere in Belaurs…

    “TOG II bundled with 90,000 gold Alexei? Are you mad!? Who would buy such a terri… Say what? Charge them 300 euros for it? Madness! Yes and what then? Oh, really? Sending the idio… the players who buy it a personalised e-mail from us? Hah! What? Oh, yes I see! ‘April fool’ to those poor bastards! Aha, wonderful. I love it Alexei! Pour me some more of that damned vodka you shi… now get marketing on the phone… We’ve got a whale hunting trip for the 1st of April”


  3. You speak bad English of course….funny joke but I make sure bunny gets your ip, real name and in-game name.

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