WoT EU – April Specials

Source: EU Portal

  • Extra Crew Experience!

4–7 April: Let’s start April off by getting your crew in the right shape for all the specials yet to come.

x2 Crew Experience

  • Top of the Tree

5–20 April: The Polish heavy tank line, up to the 60TP Lewandowskiego, is going to be the focus of this month. This Tech Tree branch is packed with DPM machines that will take out the red team in no time.

  • Happy Tuesday!

07–08 April, 14–15 April, 21–22 April & 28–29 April: Thank God it’s… Tuesday? That’s right! Starting this month, we declare Tuesdays to be happy days and are making them extra special with a big chunk of XP.

A big smile and a bigger pile of XP

  • EU Birthday Special

11–14 April: Happy Birthday to us! The EU server celebrates another year around the sun, and you get the gifts. Five times XP for the first win and plenty of discounts will make it quite the party.

x5 XP for the first win

  • Xtra Progress

18–21 April: Keep climbing the Tech Trees with missions for every tier from II to X.

  • XP Fever

25–28 April: Let’s finish the month the usual way, with a classic XP frenzy. Take your Premium to battle and pile up that XP.

XP for you and you and you

9 thoughts on “WoT EU – April Specials

  1. curious about upcoming anniversary details and, even more, the ToTT changes.

    btw, you forgot to share the link to the video with the micro-stroke moomin. though, it’s probably better that way.

  2. With WG’s track record of release after release FUBAR’s, you think we’d be able to tell the difference, april the first or no?

    Not sure they want to tempt fate anyway at this point, haha!

  3. no….only fools this April are regular players…..because WG is giving amnesty to ALL the banned accounts….how is that for April fools joke?

  4. I can’t accept that, amnesty was promised and will be delivered. It’s the correct way WG treat us players who were banned unjustly and victims of a random and faulty way to detect cheaters

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