WoT 1.9: new test currency

In the 1.9 Test Server there is a new tab in the store where you can buy items using the new currency.

The “test store” is divided into three sections, and the currency itself does not yet have a name. We only know that each player gets 700 “coins” to start with. For now, they can only be obtained during special combat missions as part of the public test. Items available for purchase include styles, stickers, emblems, directives, personal reserves, and consumables.

9 thoughts on “WoT 1.9: new test currency

  1. Too much gold and silver in the economy, the former due to Christmas loot boxes and the latter due to, well a decade of premium tanks!

    “10 years of WoT and we’ll give the playerbase a new currency to have to pay us for, magical!”

    Never change WG!

  2. It’s just going to be like WoWS. (coal and steel)
    A good amount of bonds were almost impossible to gain for the common player base.
    Now that is pretty much dealt with. They aim for an other currency that will be hard to get again.
    With most likely awards that you need to insanely good for, or play pretty much non-stop.

  3. took a decade to turn a f2p tank game into a currency market simulator with pictues of tonks in it. good job.

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