WoT Q&A – 27th March 2020

A brief overlook of the most important info from the 24 April Q&A with the devs.

Collectors’ tanks:

  • there won’t be any compensation for moving tanks into the collector category
  • the amount of collectors tanks will increase, not only through moving them out from trees
  • the crews in collectors’ tanks will function as in tree tanks
  • collectors’ tanks won’t have any special mechanics, and will abide to all rebalance rules
  • collectors’ tanks are made so as to assist new players in playing and unlocking, as they’re mostly vehicles that are rare on the battlefield, have distinct traits, have a small following, or don’t fit the new trees
  • if the idea of such tanks ‘takes roots’ then it’s possible that new ones will be created on lower tiers, who deserve to be in-game, but really only have collectors’ value

Blueprints, crew, equipment:

  • work is underway to enable players to chose the nationality and class of the blueprints they want to receive
  • tests of the new crew system will also be done on the Sandbox
  • despite players wanting to buy Clan War tanks and equipment for money (not bonds), such a possibility won’t be implemented
  • it’s too soon to talk about an upgrade to the Battle Pass, the ideas are being gathered among players
  • there are ideas regarding changes to the price of demounting bond and Battle Pass equipment

Equipment 2.0:

  • the tests of the new equipment will probably appear in the Sandbox this summer
  • a greater variety of equipment might be added (such as ones that change parameters not touched before, for example, camo during movement), and some equipment will be simplified
  • some tanks (a whole class or a specific tank) might get special slots (like the 1st for offensive capabilities, second for defensive/repairs, third for camo or mobility)
  • the equipment that is present now, will keep its role, but will be updated to new standards, and putting it in the new slot will increase bonuses
  • there will be more equipment that will increase tank dynamics
  • there won’t be any limitations to the equipment used, however, putting it in the correct slot will give a small bonus

Crew 2.0:

  • in the second half of 2020, the Crew 2.0 test will apear on the Sandbox
  • tank battalions will appear, containing 4 crews
  • each of the new crews in a battalion can be trained for a separate tank (all of them are united in one nation and class). A whole unit will have a common level, and that level will govern how many perks the commanders of such units will be able to teach. Each commander can have a separate set of skills. As so, one crew will be able to be assigned to 4 separate and all premium tanks, specific to a class and nation
  • special crews will turn into advisors, which will give predefined abilities, unique to each advisor, and possible to combine with commander skills
  • the perk tree will be rebuilt to increase their amount
  • percetanges of perks will dissapear, instead, there will be levels, increase eg. by commanders, or manuals
  • for the time being, there are five specializations of a crew member, thus, five branches will be made, with skills assigned to them, with each branch having two of the strongest skills at the end of the line, however, those will be far more costly than the rest
  • the role of the commander is unchanged, and technically, he’s not even a commander, but a platoon leader, who can control more tanks (thanks to the advisors, who will help increase his potential)
  • one advisor per commander
  • in each unit, there will be 4 commanders, and 1 unit controls 4 regular tanks, and all premium tanks (restricted by nationality and class)
  • some new skills will mimic the old ones, however, there will be a lot of new situational bonuses (ie. you do something, you get a bonus). Combined with modules, you will be able to customize your playstyle even more. It won’t be tied to a specific tank, just to the playstyle of a player.
  • yes, there is an anti-stun skill
  • 35 skills – 25 normal, 10 special
  • the rule of thumb is that the crew will give some comfort to the player, but not a great advantage. The variety increases, and the stronger skills will only be situational.

14 thoughts on “WoT Q&A – 27th March 2020

  1. Overcomplicated stupidity for crew… for equipment just another milkin the players…. disgustin on first look…

  2. Skills need just permanent 6th sense and maybe to add anti-stun skills and something more. Not to rework crew to add dumb single commander.

  3. “the amount of collectors tanks will increase, not only through moving them out from trees” I like the sound of that..

    1. As soon as armour is nerfed so prem ammo is not needed. Is3 vs Type5, IS3 needs to be able to pen type 5 frontally with normal ammo. If not, prem ammo cant be removed. Simple as that.

  4. The crew skills are as fine as they are now. It only needs to add some new skills (like anti-stun) and it only needs some re-balancing. (Currently some skills/perks are useless)

  5. The crew system sounds overly complicated to me. Funny how Wargaming feels the need to dumb down the tech trees while planning to introduce a crew system that sounds like it requires a university degree to understand.

    Personally, I would have been perfectly happy if they had made the sixth sense skill available to all commanders at 100% and to upgrade some uninteresting skills as well as add some new ones for variety.

  6. This is a Christian news site. Please refrain from swearing in the future.

    Edit: replying is still busted on mobile and I’m getting a lot of Error 500 now.

  7. «if the idea of such tanks ‘takes roots’ then it’s possible that new ones will be created on lower tiers»

    this answer is extremely interesting, from now on there will no longer be a need for a possible addition to be tied to a new line
    3inch/76.2mm GMC M5 can become a fun/MEME TD at tier 4 due to how small it is, basically a Tier 4 M56 with a 76mm gun (same gun from M10 Wolverine)

    2nd example:
    Skoda S-III “heavy tank” (just 32mm of armor and 47mm gun, but very large)
    Tatra T-III (similar to the one above)

  8. Why you are changing crew system? Nonsense

    One crew, one tank, that is all we need. WOT economy is based on it, changing it is the same as screwing up all our efforts and money spent in crews.

    Also, keep individual crewmembers, all of them are valuable. Just make clear who takes the role of a missing member on a certain tank, and allow for free retraining when moving a crewmember to a new tank no compatible with its skills (like moving a commander/gunner to a new tank with a dedicated gunner, or moving a commander to a tank where there is not longer a dedicated radio)

    Do not mess with crews, do you know i’m not playing warplanes or warships? Among other things, because i HATE warplanes and warships crew/captain interface and skill system

  9. I agree with free sixth sense but also keep an skill to improve the time of response. I think a “radio warning” should be the default free sixth sense for all tanks despìte of their crew skills, and also keep the sixth sense skill as a faster warning.

    WG don’t mess up with crew i only play tanks because other WoX games sucks in crew management.

  10. @Steve:
    You want an IS-3 to be able to penetrate a Type 5 from the front? Then how the heck will the Type 5 have even the slightest chance against other tier 10s? Not to mention that the Type 5 is a super-heavy tank, it’s entire selling point is to have impenetrable frontal armor, otherwise the regular heavy tanks will make it obsolete.
    If you want a point-and-click game with no connection to real armored combat at all, how about removing all tanks except Leopard 1 and then just have a clicking party where no one gives a single feck about flanking and actual tank tactics because you can just run around with dumb 1 IQ tactics and still penetrate everything from the front?
    When will you people learn that the issue here is not impenetrable frontal armor, but rather overly stupid maps that force us to apply the most stupid tactics possibly aviable in a tank battle?
    It would be highly amusing to have you as a commander for the Allies during WW2:
    “Overpowered krauts, nerf your stupid Tigers, because we can’t penetrate them from the front. Now we have to run around back and forth, flanking and everything. It’s exhausting!”

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