1.9: New Style Sets Pictures

The Offspring: 1,750 gold. Non-historical.– A year-round style inspired by the American punk rock group The Offspring, whose music from the first songs until now, provides good vibrations and positive energy, also encourages you to win.

With victory!

  • An unique all-year style designed to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Price: 1750 gold, non-historical.


  • A year-round style designed to celebrate the beauty of the blossoming sakura, at the end of March in Japan. Price: 1750 gold, non-historical.


  • A year-round style commemorating the Thai New Year. It officially begins on April 13 each year and lasts for two days. Price: 1750 gold, non-historical.

6 thoughts on “1.9: New Style Sets Pictures

  1. all camos are good camos as long as they can are free and can be used to cover up communist emblems.

  2. I like all of the styles, not sure I’d fork out the best part of 2k gold for them, though.

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