Supertest: ISU-152K Initial Stats

Coming soon to the Supertest is the ISU-152K, a Soviet Tier VIII TD.

Its outstanding feature is the 152-mm BL-10 gun, which boasts high armor penetration and an alpha of 750 points. The basic round can pierce 286 mm of steel while the special APCR round can break through 329 mm. The gun’s accuracy is not that impressive (0.41) and neither are its aiming time (3.4 seconds) or rate of fire (3.16 shots per minute).

In terms of protection, the ISU-152K is on par with its researchable counterpart the ISU-152, with 90 mm of armor at the front of the conning tower and an HP pool of 1,200 points. The dynamics are similar with the ISU-152K having a top speed of 40 km/h and a specific power of 12.7 hp per tonne of weight.

All in all, the ISU-152K is very much like its tech tree ‘relative’. The differences with the researchable TD are subtle: the horizontal firing arc is a bit wider, the armor penetration of the gun is a bit higher—at a cost of slightly lesser mobility and a slightly longer reload time. You don’t have to adjust to this vehicle as its play style is familiar to the majority of tankers: an ambush TD with high one-time damage.

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24 thoughts on “Supertest: ISU-152K Initial Stats

  1. So it’s basically the same as the tech tree variant.
    WG wants to add this, but why? What could be the possible reason behind such a decision?
    Especially with this quite literal clone.

    1. it is a premium tank or a reward tank? if it is a premium tank then the answer is only one : MONEY!!! 🙂

  2. So that’s why the ISU 152 lost its BL10 gun. So we would get a premium vehicle… That is so low…

    1. PZ IV Schmalturm, KV-122, FV4202, Lorraine 40t and T-28 F-30 would like to have some words with you.

      1. Oh it’s not the first one indeed to get a premium based on modules removed from the tech tree variants. Tho, most mentioned above me here were up or down tiered vs their original. And thus did not really reflect the reason for their removal at that tier. This is on the same tier, much like the F30. And like the F30, they simply just made the gun worse in some aspects. So it won’t be like the old one.

        1. really? what is worse on that gun?
          accuracy – same
          aim time – same
          pen – BETTER


          1. There are still dispersion stats that we don’t know. To be honest, given that it’s Russian tank, they won’t be bad at all. But we can’t be certain until we see them.

          2. Reload Time, 19 sec vs. 17.6, so it’s about 200 less dpm,
            also it’s got a weaker engine and lower top speed, specifically reverse, 8 backwards is horrific when trying to fall back to cover after shooting.

            to be fair in my eyes normal ISU 152 is better. It’s only 26 more pen and it’s not like 260/292 is low to begin with…

            1. this have nothing to do with the GUN except the reload time which is 99% useless for a gun based on ALPHA not DPM anyway

              so still…just pre-nerfed version sold as a fkin premium one !
              miserable !

  3. Pure clickbait, ISU has become a unicorn sight in randoms and people should ask why before falling for WG’s trap.


    Fix your game and wonky vehicle balance, stop begging for cash.

    1. They still need to pay the staff fixing stuff each patch. They don’t work for free either. Nor do the staff making the tanks.

    1. Every way? I would not say that. More pen. But a 4 sec longer reload, worse aim time and dispersion. Less power to weight due to the weaker engine. But same HP and armor. It’s basically worse then when the tech tree ISU had the BL-10. I’m just glad they did not make it better then even the old variant.

    1. Let’s see, so far we had Progetto M35 mod. 46, Caernarvon AX, TS-5, SU-130PM, Renegade, Panhard EBR 75, Burrasque… Which one of them is bad?

  5. ahh..what a surprise…another pre-nerf standard tank input as a fkin premium !
    just…MISERABLE !

    1. Except that it has worse dpm and worse mobility, loosing 100horses and 3top speed, but most importatnly loosing 4 reverse speed from 12 to 8 is massive when trying to peek then fall back to cover, meaning you will spend A LOT more time getting shot at when spoted and ISU isnt really known to take shots well…

      It’s easilly worse than normal ISU, IMO trading all that for just 26 pen is not worth it.

  6. Removed the BL-10 for ‘balance’ reasons to then put it behind a paywall. Piss poor from WG tbh.

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