WoT: March 2020 ASIA Events

Source: ASIA Portal
  • 01 March – 01 April: Late Night Fun

Rake in double your EXP or Crew EXP during the event! You can also earn a Style and other customisations!

  • 02-09 March: [Premium Shop] March Onwards

  • New Camouflage! Kohaku
  • Some vehicles we’ve all been waiting for!
  • 05 March – 05 April 2020: On Track

  • 05-20 March 2020: On Track to the Kranvagn
  • 20 March – 05 April 2020: On Track to the Leopard 1

Gain EXP, Crew EXP, Consumables, and Equipment for completing missions!

Fast On Track Premium bundles can be purchased for an extra 2 x5 EXP missions daily for vehicles on the tech tree line.

  • 06-13 March 2020: Get Ready for Frontline 2020

Enjoy a variety of discounts to prepare for Frontline!

  • 13-20 March 2020: White Day

Platoon with a friend to gain x5 EXP when you finish in Top 10 by EXP in your team.

  • 17-24 March 2020: Luck of the Irish

Complete missions and pick up four-leaf clover emblems and decals for some extra luck!

  • 20-27 March 2020: March Equinox XP Fever

Enjoy in-game discounts and research your favourite vehicles with EXP missions!

  • 23-31 March 2020: ???

Stay tuned for this secret event!