World of Tanks Supertest: Tech Tree Changes and Collectors’ Vehicles

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As you might remember, after the updated balance underwent a thorough Sandbox testing, it was decided to move forward with two newly introduced changes. And this iteration of Supertest will be dealing with the one involving Tech Trees.

According to this change, a number of vehicles will fall into the Collectors’ category meaning to drive them into your Hangar you don’t have to spend a point of your XP. Some vehicles will be moved to other tiers or even get assigned to other classes. Also, some brand-new tanks will enter the game for the first time! All this shuffling is to secure a more consistent progression through tech trees. The detailed list of all new vehicles and those subject to changes can be seen below.

It’s worthy to note that the test focus is narrowed to alterations related to vehicles themselves at this point, with tech trees and status changes put on the back burner. As for how these class/tier changes will be brought to life, the possible solutions are under consideration and once decisions are made, they will be shared with players.

Vehicles to be moved to other tiers (12 in total):

• Cruiser Mk. I — from Tier II to Tier I
• Cruiser Mk. II — from Tier III to Tier II
• Cruiser Mk. III — from Tier II to Tier III
• Cruiser Mk. IV — from Tier III to Tier IV
• Valentine — from Tier IV to Tier III
• Valentine AT — from Tier III to Tier IV
• Crusader — from Tier V to Tier VI
• Covenanter — from Tier IV to Tier V
• BT-7 — from Tier III to Tier IV
• KV-1S — from Tier V to Tier VI
• A-20 — from Tier IV to Tier V
• SU-76 — from Tier III to Tier IV

Vehicles to be assigned to other classes (5 in total):

• Crusader (a medium to become a light tank)
• T54E1 (a medium to become a heavy tank)
• VK 30.01 (H) (a heavy to become a medium tank)
• VK 30.01 (P) (a medium to become a heavy tank)
• Type 97 Chi-Ha (a medium to become a light tank)

Vehicles to be added to the game (3 in total):

• BT-5 — Tier III Soviet light tank. Gameplay-wise it shares a lot with the BT-2 that’s been long on the game’s vehicle roster.
• T6 Medium — a Tier IV American medium. To keep it simple, it’s the famous Sherman and it plays accordingly.
• Cavalier — a Tier V British medium bearing strong resemblance to the far-famed Cromwell.



T6 Medium

It goes without saying that all the vehicles mentioned will be balanced, and for this purpose they will enroll into Supertest.

Please keep in mind that none of the changes are set in stone and the stats may be subject to further tweaks.

24 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Tech Tree Changes and Collectors’ Vehicles

    1. This. I need to know when should I buy the removed tier 6 tanks such as KV13, Firefly, and Churchill GC. Based on their video, if you have them before the removal, you’ll have them in their top config and you’ll unlock automatically the next tank.

  1. I just red some SAD news, After 9 years WG is going to do the UNTHINKABLE, they are going to make of my favorite medium tank in the game (VK3001P) A HEAVY tank??? WG really now? You going to take away my joy and make it a low IQ heavy tank.. I am so disapointed right now really..! Why o why take this gem away from the players who love this tank??

        1. To mess around with some tanks in the British tree oke fine it was high time to do that, But dont transform a nice tank like VK3001P that is a good tank to a slow heavy tank! Its not that the German lines have so much fun tanks too play.

          1. What makes you say they are going to make it a ‘slow heavy tank’. All it says is that it’s designation will change, right? I don’t think anybody has said anything about characteristic changes.

            1. LL, have you EVER seen a heavy tank drive 60kph? they will change everything and so destroy a perfectly fine tank.

                1. LOL, yes if you want to win play Russian tanks, better everything! 🙂 But for fun I would like to play VK3001P from time to time..

            2. did you play the VK3601 as medium? when they changed that to a heavy it got 100 hitpoints and got sluggish overnight

    1. I feel you. They’re taking away both the VK30P and KV-13 from us. Both underrated but fun mediums I grew to enjoy

  2. I don’t buy that explanation for the changes. Did anyone even asked for that? Russian server forums perhaps?

    I have little hopes of WG doing things right, especially if it is their internal initiative.

  3. Oke complain is 1 thing, a solution could be: make it a premium WG. Then eveybody is happy! I would be very happy then. Pleeeeease??!

  4. Wait, so is the 30.01H going to now be a medium sandwiched between the DW2 heavy and the VK3601 heavy? Or is the DW2 getting axed anyway?

  5. i have no idea how the logic of making the VK30.01P a heavy works, cause if it’s weight the VK30.02M is heavier by almost 9 tons and armorwise it’s also better. so there’s not really any justification in it other the WG saying it.

    1. I think this is why, If they make it a heavy tank WITHOUT changes to the specs of the tank maybe?

      The VK 30.01 (P) Leopard was the official designation for a medium tank prototype proposed in Germany. Two prototype hulls were made. The tank never entered serial production, but was further developed into the VK 4501 Tiger (P). The VK 30.01 (P) was referred to as the Porsche Type 100 outside of Wa Pruef 6.[1][2]

      Beginnings of the VK 30.01 (P)
      Beginnings of the VK 30.01 (P)[edit]
      In 1939, the German Army expressed the need for a 30 tonne heavy breakthrough tank.[1] Although this weight is less than many production tanks of WWII, at the time this was considered as a heavier tank. Projects to meet the demand were designated VK 30.xx (X)[a] and were developed to varying degrees by four different companies: Porsche, Henschel & Son, MAN, and Daimler Benz. The Porsche version was thus named the VK 30.01 (P).[1][3]

      1. in an ideal WoT, tank type and armour would be kept historical, balancing the vehicles through HP, gun/ammo specifications and soft stats. Unfortunately, WG never seem to prefer the obvious and easy way, but rather take a well aimed shot to their own knee.

        1. I quess World of Tanks started that way, now it’s fantasy but still fun. double barrels, mach 3 speeds, tier 8 lights with heavy troll like armour as the LT432, its all in the game now. I think they should look more at (beta) players who play the old tanks what they want to change then the stats on the tanks. VK3001P is a fun tank always has been. I hope we can still enjoy it in the future in it’s present form..

          1. btw, why does the T54E1 become a heavy as well? what’s the reasoning behind this? is there actually a plan behind all this, or is it sheer randomness and incompetence?

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