WoT: First Distribution of Expirable Personal Reserves

From May 3, 17:00 to May 6, 16:59 (UTC+3), by connecting to one of the Twitch Drops broadcasts and watching it for 4 hours, you can get a new camouflage and the first expirable reserve.

Broadcasts: twitch.tv/directory/category/world-of-tanks?filter=drops

  • 2 pcs. Limited time reserves +200% Free XP.
    The reserve will be stored for 8 days and will be used up first than the unlimited ones.
  • 9 pcs. Bird of Prey camouflages. One of three camouflages that can be obtained as part of the “Call to the Final Frontier” event.
  • 3 pcs. Decals “Phaser”

Our forecast for expirable reserves is beginning to come true and in the near future they will replace usual reserves so that you no longer accumulate them.

5 thoughts on “WoT: First Distribution of Expirable Personal Reserves

  1. Well there die personal reserves, World of Tanks taking notes from War Thunder.

    1. is nothing new to F2P Games …other F2P Games always had “XP/Currency Boosters” with a expire date

  2. they are there for 7 days, like for real? new players or non frequent players wont be able to store them for later

    1. That’s why WG is doing this, they hope this way people will play more often. The expiration date is there to induce FOMO.

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