World of Tanks – ST-II Tank Manual

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The ST-II inherits a lot of good things from its predecessors and makes some even better. You thought the Tier VIII and IX double-barrelled tanks had a strong front? The ST-II puts an extra coat on to make sure that your enemies will grind their teeth! You were impressed by the alpha damage of the IS-3-II? With 440 average damage per shot per barrel, this Tier X Soviet heavy tank will blow your head off. Twice!

Keep in mind that you will see a dotted line along your aim circle if something obstructs the line of fire.

However, the really exceptional feature remains the good gun depression. –8 degrees allows you to use ridgelines and hull-down tactics, leaving only the strong turret exposed.

You should be a master of the double-barrel mechanic by now. But just in case, a quick reminder. You have different ways to utilize your two powerful guns for different situations in the field. Use a quick single snapshot to stop an enemy trying to escape, play like an autoreloader with two shells to take out enemies on the move and making good use of the shorter reload time, or land a mighty double salvo to finish off an unsuspecting enemy low on HP.

Clever commanders have figured out that the double salvo mechanic is easier to control if you assign it to a key on your keyboard.

The ST-II is one of the most versatile heavy tanks in the game, suited for every close- to mid-range situation. At least, as long as you stay vigilant. Your traverse speed and power-to-weight ratio, however, aren’t good enough to catch an enemy that sneaks up on you.


Recommended Setup

The recommended selection of equipment doesn’t change throughout this short tank line: a Vertical Stabilizer and an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive to improve the already good gun handling and Improved Ventilation for better overall performance. However, as you need to watch out for sneaky enemies, Coated Optics is a very valid choice for the entire double-barreled tank line.

Crew Skills

1st Loader
At this point, your crew should already be very familiar with these special Soviet heavy tanks. As your Commander is also the Radio Operator, Situational Awareness is a good choice, once he is equipped with the more essential skills. The rest of the crew should keep their focus on improving gun accuracy.

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