World of Tanks Black Market – Super Special Offers Coming TOMORROW

According to WoTClue, last year volunteers received emails detailing that on certain dates, super limited offers will be released (On that date, Type 59G was released). This year verified volunteers received these emails again, and the date is known: February 10th. What tanks will be released is unknown, but expect a super special offer.


32 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market – Super Special Offers Coming TOMORROW

    1. It will be for gold if it’s super special and super limited, and it will also be in auction format because WG has learned how to milk even harder than last year when it comes to these types of items, as evidenced by the Type 59 G. If it’s Waffle or Object 777 then expect to pay 100K or more. Isn’t the Waffle not even currently in the game client though?

      1. WT-100 remains in the game client but not the rumored gold version. I would not expect to see a WT-100 on the Black Market. I would expect either the T-22sr or the Obj 777 (or both).

      2. There are actually two Waffles in the game client, one with the short 128 and one with the long 128, both have the same soft stats and reload.

      3. it depends if its gonna be a tier 8 premium or a tier 9 or 10 “reward” vehicle, if its gonna be a premium then its probably gonna be sold for gold, if its a tier 9 or 10 then its probably gonna be sold for credits, dont think that WG is gonna sell “reward” tanks for gold

  1. Thanks for this, I remember that. I’m wondering if they received another one this year for today/yesterday’s date for the 59G. Good looking out!

  2. I think it could still be Obj. 277 V2. I hope it will be a direct purchase for gold (50K) 🙂

        1. I just say, what our clan CC told for us when we was trying to get info about blackmarket and rumors about WTE

          1. I work with the game files every day, messing with script folders and XMLs, I can guarantee you there is no tier 9 Waffentrager, only the pre-nerf and post-nerf versions at tier 10.

      1. If you go on Tanks GG there is no Tier IX version. The one you mention is Tier X .
        and when you make this statement you should also name the CC

        1. noone sane is gonna do that, it will just cause the CC to lose its CC status because they are breaking NDA

  3. This is the type of rumour i would leak if i was WG, so people will still wake up at 5am after all the latest bad deals.

  4. i hope its sold for credits , have so 60mio and i want to use them….. and no i dont need prem tanks

  5. this is getting stupid, they offer such low numbers on ASIA that only the incredibly wealthy can afford.

    I have 100k gold, and if it was a waffle, I STILL wouldn’t even be close.

  6. First super special offer is SWPZ? Yeah sure. What a bust woke up at 6am for nothing. The second super special will probably be the FV 215b (not the deathstar, the heavy) or the Foch 155.

  7. People seem to forgot about the “globe tank”. Special offer today will be whatever was in that snow globe.

    1. Globe tank was if I recall correctly a model of T-72 or T-80, so it’s highly unlikely we are getting a modern MBT 🙂

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