21 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market – 9TH OFFER – Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f)

  1. So this thing, a tier 2 that’s essentially the regular French tier 2 H35 but that goes faster, sells in 30s for 9.5k gold, meanwhile last year the ultra-rare PzV/IV with no in-game equivalent did not sell out for 6.5k gold

    I guess tier 5 is too high for seal clubbing

  2. To be fair, it’s ultra rare (hasn’t been sold since like 2011) and despite power creep, it’s a LEGIT seal clubber. So, if you are a collector, or a no skill seal clubber looking to pad stats, this is a GOOD deal actually. I’ve had it for years and love to take it out once in awhile. 10+ kills are not difficult.

      1. True, I have it since 2011, when it was literally invincible in tier2. Later came t2 tanks with improved pen and gold ammo for credits. Nowadays, the tank is just a mere shadow of its former self. I can’t even remember when was the last time I took it out of the garage…

  3. remember buying this one for about € 3, back in the days …
    WG is clearly performing some psychological experiment on us to prove they can do to us anything they want …

  4. oh man…I was hoping this will appear in BM….but not like this :(:(:(:(…………what in heavens name is going thru their mind???………they sell tier 5 broken French PoS for 300 gold!!!!!!………and they sell tier 2 collectible tank for 9500?????…..is this it?did they finally lost the plot?…(btw-I haven’t bought it)

  5. People THINK its a bargain SO without thinking .. my dad used to say Fools and there Money so easily parted ~ must be WOT players talking about

  6. how often you play anything?.
    I have 1-2 favourites I play often, 3-4 I grind and don’t enjoy cozs its too much hard work, 1-2 I grind and are fun, approx 200 tanks that rust in garage.

    PSA: In the chaotic scroll of walls of text in the 5 min countdown to BM offer last night, there were chat moderators busy banning players. I received a chat ban of 24hrs for using capitals for two of my words in a sentence. Couldn’t see the warning, for the instantly fast scrolling wall of text, but WHATEVER.

    I guess its illegal to get excited about the BM in WG WoT gen chat.

    the secret police will be knocking down my door middle of night next, dragging me and the fam away to be tortured and “disappear”.

    for typing TWO words in CAPITALS in a single sentence.

  7. Still no French H38/39. Glad I didn’t wait around for this because I never could’ve afforded it anyway. WoT has been very disappointing.

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