World of Tanks Black Market – The Rules

Same Time, Same Place, Same Rules

Let me remind you how we do business on the Black Market. Read it carefully and don’t make me repeat myself!

Rule Number 1. We set our meetings in your Garage ONLY!

Forget about official points of sale. We do all the deals in your Garage—here’s where you can find me.

Rule Number 2. First come, first served

The offered lots are changed twice a day at 17:00 CET and 05:00 CET. With each lot you will find an indication of how many pieces of a particular offer are available. Some goods were carted off before you finally came upstairs? No hard feelings, mate, but this is not the Premium Shop.

Rule Number 3. Only Gold and Credits!

If the price is indicated in Credits, then Gold is not accepted, and vice versa.

Rule Number 4. We need to wrap this up in seven days

Time is of the essence, and we already have guards on our tail. We only have seven days for everything, so there’s no time to chat. It’s up to you to decide what to buy or not before they shut everything down.

Rule Number 5. We’re free to do whatever we want, whenever we like

We set the rules for this game. Not to your liking? I think you know the way out! We reserve the right to introduce new rules whenever we want, so you’d better stay tuned!

Your old friend, the Salesman.

5 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market – The Rules

  1. “Time is of the essence, and we already have guards on our tail.”
    I really hope WG does have guards on their trail for doing shaddy things like Loot boxes and so… Well… Not shaddy but is definitely not “healthy” for the gaming industry! This black market…. Well… Pure marketing for those who don’t love their coins!

    1. you can say whatever you want, but if you bought the lootboxes because you wanted gold (which i did), it was 100% worth for me, i payed around 10€, got my money worth of hold + E75TS

  2. Rule 6. Those who are not greedy will get sweet fruit.

    The black market where everyone is rushing to buy must be a good place to make a profit. So from now on, there will be new competition in the black market. You can set your own competition costs for the most popular items. The competition rules are as follows:

    ● Competition will be carried out with a certain number of items for which the minimum price (gold or credit) is set.

    ● The player can submit the cost of competition to the desired item, and the cost submitted will be deducted from the account.

    ● There is no limit to the number of race cost changes.

    ● The cost of the race cannot be changed at the end of the competition.

    ● The top N players based on submitted competition costs will win.

    ● Winners will receive the goods and the remaining competitors will receive the cost of the competition back.

    Rare tanks are carried out in an auction format.
    This is the truth behind Rule 5.

    The game has already started.
    Wargaming wants us to consume more gold.

    Good luck.

    1. They took all that global data a few months back when in our garages were frozen during a data mine.

      They took all the totals of credits, gold, bonds etc.
      And it SHOCKED them, and those who are watching.

      I like the auction / bid your gold idea. It means I won’t miss out on the super rare stuff like a gold type 59 I did the last time. If I am at work, I should be able to come home and still place a bid.
      It’s MUCH fairer. But also great for WG coz they could see MASSIVE amounts of gold spent on something.

      HOW MUCH would you bid for a gold waffentrager??.
      I already paid $150 real dollars for mine when it was actually in the game 🙁

      1. lol 150$ to paid for it when it was in the game lol never ever !! it was a searchable tank i never give money to grind something play it and you have it with an awesome crew but now its never ever in the game anymore
        personnally i would give 50k gold for it ( its all what i have from my lootboxes )

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