23 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market – 1ST OFFER – Lansen C for Credits

  1. Good little tank; those who don’t have it should not hesitate. For 8.5k Credits it’s a steal.

    Too bad I paid 7.500 gold for it -.-

  2. Meh, doesn’t worth it unless you don’t have a Tier VIII premium yet.

    Btw I’m encountering the Error 500 a lot today when I try to visit the site.

      1. influx of players who want to see what the offer is without entering the game I guess ?

        1. We’ll be working with our hosting provider to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

          1. @ Veroxx – Whatever the fault is, It let me post a comment on this site for the first time since the update. I did write you a support email (so you may have taken care of it). Thank you.

  3. This black market thing from wargaming it’s just a marketing trick for those who understand.

    1. just because EU had 12k of it and the rest is on RU server..dont forget RU and EU server are big servers !

  4. As per usual, we got nothing in NA. It’s has been 25 mins since the start of the event, and we don’t even have the Black Market tab. Everyone is raging in the general chat.

    Before logging in today, I noticed a small update when opening the WGC, so I guessed it must’ve been the Black Market update, but nah. No word from the WG NA staff in any of their platforms. Seems WG NA incompetence striked again!

    1. Maybe due legal reasons? In regard the game industry I would love to have the Australian laws here in Europe. We could even ask for refunds in case of false expections not being fulfilled.
      We need transparency in the gaming industry….

  5. 10:22 CST in Texas & the black market tab never even showed up in the store on NA server.

    it’s bad enough dynasty wars has tier 3 tbirds running around like chickens with their heads cut off ruining tier 10 matches in a free tier 10 rental with a bad crew

  6. Now we got this gem from the WG NA staff:

    📢Attention tankers!📢
    It seems certain anti-black market spies have delayed the start of #BlackMarket for NA and spread propaganda of its early start time. We are looking into this and will bring good news very soon.
    Thank you.


    It is really a kick in the groin when their best excuse is saying that the very time set for the start of the event BY THEMSELVES was fake news (nevermind that in all the other servers it worked without a hitch at the same time), and the actual start is some time later… When? Heck if they know!

    Only in NA, folks!

  7. Turns out BM got delayed in NA till 17:55 CT. Confirmed-ish by Domosapien in the WoT NA Discord. Might as well add it as a note to the article for all the confused (and very angry) NA players around here.

    Source: https://discord.gg/7yquR5

  8. So only those that are at home and ready PC and WOT loaded so 1 min before Black Market starts with finger ready on ‘buy’ button ~ to stand any chance

    I got home from work at 17.20 GMT UK time …. all gone SUPRISE!

    honestly if you have a job and work for a living from Monday to Friday ~ well we don’t stand any chance at all, do we?

    same as last years

    but hey its Wargame they likely think this is ‘amusing’ in there Russian mind set

    I don’t its very annoying

  9. Happy to get one 🙂
    I want to see what will be next.
    Hopeing for something like:
    Loza’s M4

    I think also that we will see tanks like the E-25 and maybe even Obj-703 II and E 75 TS

    1. 703 and e75ts nope never ever cause its to fresh christmas lootboxes…
      obj 244 could come or BTSV yes but other offers are different then, hope obj 777 comes out something fresh and different ! or a comeback of wte100??

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